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A Happier, Healthier You

Incorporating healthy eating habits, increasing daily activity and spending time focused on mindfulness can lead to a happier, healthier you with an increased quality of life. Making an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle not only sets a good example for those around you but can increase satisfaction in other areas of your life as well! However, wellness is much more than just nutrition and exercise. It is intertwined with other dimensions of life, such as having a healthy environment, understanding and coping with emotions, feeling fulfilled intellectually, getting support socially and feeling confident and healthy in your own skin. There are eight key dimensions that make up overall wellness. Learn more about the Eight Dimensions of Wellness and Tips for Creating a Balanced, Healthy Life!


SVSU is a great place to work! We care about our students and co-workers. We have pride in our work. We strive to improve and we embrace the challenges facing us. We also can experience struggles, burnout, anxiety, loss of drive, personal or family issues and more.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Life Advisor EAP is a university-funded benefit that offers the support and resources you need to address any personal or work-related challenges and/or concerns that may affect your personal well-being and/or work performance. It is confidential and free to all faculty and staff as well as their eligible family members, including spouses/partners and dependent children.

For more information, visit

To access services, including 24/7 crisis assistance, call 1-800-448-8326.

Work Life Balance


A variety of links to videos and articles are available to employees, supervisors and others. These topics were selected in response to the challenges brought on by COVID-19 and its effect on our employees, family and friends. In addition, resources are available to learn more about managing stress & anxiety, ways to seek help for a loved one experiencing addiction or mental illness and other issues our employees and the community may struggle with.


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