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Music Education at SVSU


The Bachelor of Arts in Music Education results in a K-12 certification in the state of Michigan. In addition to many content and methods courses that are offered in the Department of Music, music education students are required to take coursework in the School of Education and comply with various requirements from that program. The information below is meant to clarify the School of Education requirements for music education students. The Department of Music prides itself on providing students with hands-on teaching experiences.

Important School of Education Information




Field Placement Information

MUSE 207 - Choral Methods

25 hour placement (split observation/teaching)


MUSE 303 - Teaching Elementary School Music

25 hours placement (split observation/teaching)


MUSE 304 - Teaching Middle School Music

25 hours placement (split observation teaching)


MUSE 305 - Teaching Secondary Music Ensembles

25 hours placement (split observation/teaching)


TEMS 333 

25 hours placement (should be at the elementary level for all students that intend to student teach MS/HS)


Student Teaching (TEMS 412/422)

15 weeks


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