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Music for Non-Majors

We offer three types of musical experiences for non-music majors:

  • Ensembles
  • Courses designed for non-majors
  • Private lessons

Large Ensembles 

Non-music majors are encouraged to join any of the major ensembles!

  • MUS 181 Concert Choir
  • MUS 183 Concert Band (Winter semester only)
  • MUS 184 Cardinal Marching Band (Fall semester only)
  • MUS 185 Jazz Ensemble (auditioned: contact Dr. Colin Wood,
  • MUS 186 Wind Ensemble (auditioned: contact Dr. Norm Wika,
  • MUS 189 Cardinal Singers (auditioned: see Ensembles page for audition information)

Small Ensembles

  • MUS 481A Percussion Ensemble
  • MUS 481B Jazz Combo I
  • MUS 481C Jazz Combo II
  • MUS 481D Guitar Ensemble
  • MUS 481E Pit Orchestra

Courses Designed for Non-Majors

General education courses:

We currently offer seven courses that fulfill the General Education requirement for Category 2, one of which also fulfills the Communication Intensive (CI) requirement:

  • MUS 117A Classical Music
  • MUS 117B Non-Western Music (CI)
  • MUS 117C Music in the United States
  • MUS 117D The Piano
  • MUS 117F History of Jazz
  • MUS 117G History of Rock

Other courses:

  • MUS 102 Beginning Voice Class (Fall semester only)

Check the catalogue for the semester you are interested in to see when each course is offered.

Private Lessons

You can sign up for private lessons on many instruments and voice, providing the instructors have space after the music majors have signed up. You will have one 50-minute lesson per week for the semester; required practice time will vary depending on the instrument and your instructor's judgment. You are welcome to use the practice rooms in the Arbury Fine Arts Building.

Registering for lessons takes place in person only. Contact the Music Office for scheduling and registration forms (; 989-964-4159). Lessons earn one credit per semester; there is an extra fee of $225 (January 2020).

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