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Resident Student Handbook
Simple Fines & Sanctions

Below you will find a chart with offenses matched with the minimum standard sanction that is enforced by the university. As approved by the Board of Control at SVSU, University Housing and Community Standard violations falling into a category of "simple fines and sanctions" published below will be incurred on student accounts. Sanctions are applicable to first offenses only and may be accompanied by probationary periods. Sanctions are progressive with repeat offenses and the severity of the actions.

Simple Fines and Sanctions 


Minimum Standard Sanction*

Accidental Property Damage Restitution
Aiding or Abetting Violations and/or Failure to Discourage $50
Alcohol and Drug Policy According to Sanctions Published in the Policy for First, Second and Third Offenses
Alcohol (Excessive) $25
Attachments to Building Restitution
Candles, Incense, Open Flames, etc. $25 + University Housing Probation + Restitution
Disorderly Conduct $50
Electrical Equipment, Halogen, Spider Lamps, Foreman Grills, not Underwriters Laboratories approved Removal + Restitution
Endangerment $100
Failure to Observe Terms of Discipline $100
Fire Safety Equipment: Breaking glass of fire pull station or fire extinguisher, shooting fire extinguisher, disengaging smoke detectors, remove or tamper with detectors, etc. $200 + University Housing Probation and/or University Probation for Two Academic Semesters
Footballs, Frisbees, Snowballs, Sports in the Halls, etc. $25 + Restitution
Hygiene, Laundry, Noxious Odor, etc. Corrective Measures + Cleaning fee
Hosting, Guest Policy, Visitation, etc. $25 + Guest Restrictions
Housekeeping or Health & Safety Inspections Educational Module and/or $25 + Cleaning Fee
Improper or Unauthorized Outdoor Storage or Stairwells $50
Littering or Trashing or Toilet Papering $50
Misuse or Improper Storage of BBQ Grills and Propane $50
Misuse or Removal of University Furniture Return + Restitution
Noise or Quiet Hours $25
Pets or Unauthorized Emotional Support or Comfort Animals

$100 + Cleaning fee

Screen Removal $25
Selling, Advertising, Soliciting $50
Snow Removal: Failure to Remove Warning + Remove Snow

Smoking or Tobacco Products use in unauthorized areas or Residence

(Tobacco Products, Vaping, Hookah, etc.)
Treading on Protected Landscaping $50 + Restitution
Trash Removal: Improper Disposal $25 per Bag
Unapproved or Unauthorized Lofts Removal
Unauthorized Painting $50 + Restitution
Unauthorized Refrigerators (over 10 cubic feet) Removal
Unauthorized Room Change $50 + Move Back to Assigned Unit
Voluntary Compliance/Directive of a University Official $100





Housing Operations
Curtiss 118
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Residential Life
Curtiss 114
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Dining Services
Curtiss Hall 122
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