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Contract for Housing

First Year Students & Transfer Students

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How to complete the Housing Contract and make your Housing Pre-Payment

Housing Deadlines: 

  • First Year Students: May 1, 2021
  • Transfer Students:  May 1, 2021

NOTE: If you plan to utilize financial aid, please make certain you have enough financing to cover the costs—as you are entering into a binding legal contract with the university. You can verify your financial details on your award letter that is generated by filing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The $200 prepayment is used toward the first-semester payment and is not a deposit to be refunded when the contract expires.

Returning Students

Returning students can submit a housing contract for fall 2021 and winter 2022 by filling out a contract at the following link:

Housing is guaranteed for returning students if they submit a contract by Sunday, March 14, 2021.

Housing sign up for students not currently living on campus begins Monday, March 15, 2021.

Signing up for Housing - FAQs

Freshmen and freshman transfer residents are required to be on a meal plan regardless of their room placement. Meal plans consist of a combination of weekly swipes and declining balance dollars (DB). Weekly swipes are used in the all-you-care-to-eat facility called Marketplace at Doan and each swipe counts as one meal. Declining balance (DBs) are treated like flex accounts/debit cards and used in retail locations such as Panda Express, Subway, C-Store, Provisions on Demand (P.O.D.), etc. Declining balance dollars roll over from the fall to winter semester, however, unexpected declining balance dollars are forfeited at the end of the winter semester.

Upperclassmen and new transfer residents do not have a mandatory meal plan but may elect to purchase one for convenience. Block plans are available and include meals per semester that roll over from fall to winter. Students also have the option of creating their own meal plan using a combination of block meals and DBs or buying a traditional plan for a full semester experience.

Combination plans include a weekly meal swipe component and DBs. Meals per week must be used in the period designated and meal swipes re-set on Sunday, each week. As noted, all meal plan balances are forfeited at the end of the winter semester.

Meal changes are allowed through the first five days of each semester. Upgrades or reloading may occur at any time.

Freshmen are assigned to their rooms on a first-come, first-serve basis. The date received on the housing contract is used to award single bedrooms and grant mutual roommate requests. Likewise, students rank their preferences for first-year living areas and these preferences are taken into account. 

Three criteria are used to award roommate requests:

  1. Mutuality - Each student must request the other student. Changes, adds, deletions, etc. must be in writing from the SVSU student's official email address.
  2. Roommate requests must be submitted early. The general deadline is May 1st for all students.
  3. Contract materials must be received on or near the same date.

Students in special programs may not have preferences honored due to community limitations by the advisor. It is not possible to honor all requests, although every attempt will be made to do so. The final determination of room assignments rests with the university.

SVSU does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical impairment, disability or veteran status in the provision of education, employment, and other services.

Contract Submission through May 1st:

A resident who notifies Housing Operations in writing by May 1st preceding the contract period to cancel the contract for any reason will be charged a $200 cancellation fee. 

Non-Enrollment or Not Attending:

Cancellations for non-enrollment received in writing prior to the official payment due date for fall or winter semesters, if approved by the University, will incur a $100 contract cancellation charge and may result in a $100 refund of the housing prepayment.

Failure to notify Housing Operations in writing by the payment due date of the semester will result in a $200 cancellation charge.

Still Enrolled and Special Circumstances:

At its discretion, the university will consider contract releases outside of the aforementioned criteria only if the circumstances are sufficiently extreme or catastrophic in nature. Requests of this nature must be submitted in writing to Housing Operations and include supporting documentation.

Tuition, fees, housing, and meal costs are applied to a student’s account. Any unpaid balance could result in loss of services including classes and/or housing. All payments must be made by the published due dates. We encourage students to check mySVSU (Self Service) for account status information on a regular basis. All communications are made via the SVSU email account. Printed bills are not generated.

The resident is obligated to honor the terms of this contract. The resident will not be released from the contract to move off campus or to commute during the contract period. The university will release a resident from the contract without any cancellation fee if the resident:

  1. Graduates during the period
  2. Participates in an SVSU study abroad program during the contract period.
  3. Reports for military duty before or during this contract period.

The university will release a resident from the contract, subject to fees if the resident:

  1. Is academically dismissed from the university. ($100 cancellation fee)
  2. Notifies Housing Operations, in writing, of the intent to cancel by May 1st preceding this contract period. ($200 cancellation fee)
  3. Completely withdraws from classes. ($200 plus pro-rated days in residence)

A resident who withdraws from the university after the official payment due date for the fall or winter semester will be charged a pro-rated amount for the actual days in residence and a contract cancellation charge of $200. The resident must comply with Housing Operations check-out procedures in order to complete withdrawal from Saginaw Valley State University. A resident failing to follow published check-out procedures may be assessed a minimum $100 improper check-out fee and $50 lost of key fee.

At its discretion, the university will consider contract releases outside of the aforementioned criteria only if the circumstances are sufficiently extreme or catastrophic in nature. Requests of this nature must be submitted in writing to Housing Operations and include supporting documentation. Special requests that are approved will be charged a pro-rated amount for actual days in residence and are subject to additional cancellation fees. The contract will be reinstated for any resident who is released due to withdrawal from the university and subsequently re-enrolls during the contract period.


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