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Student moving into on-campus housing

2024 Fall Move-in Information

**Check your SVSU email for important updates on the check-in process this week for Fall 2024 arrivals.**

Welcome, Cardinal, to SVSU Housing!  We are so excited to serve as your home away from home, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our campus community. Please read all of the following information carefully to help you with your check-in process. We look forward to greeting you!  

Upon your arrival on campus, it is mandatory that you first go through check-in and obtain your key.  Please remember to bring a picture ID to check-in, i.e. driver’s license. 

Once you have your key, parking lots open for unloading include K (day use only), L (FYS A-E and MJBH residents), R (day use only), J-2, J-3, and J-4 (FYS F/G residents) [see map below] and other residential parking lots if you choose to park near your community instead. Our entire enthusiastic Housing Operations and Residential Life staff will be on hand to greet you and welcome you to campus.  You may wish to bring a cart or dolly to assist with transporting your belongings to your room and we will have faculty/staff on our freshmen days to assist our new students. 


Move-in Schedule

Find the move-in date and time for your residence hall below. 

 First Year Suites

TIME Wednesday, 8/21/2024    
9:00 am

FYS A-9, B-9, C-9, D-9, E-9, F-9, G-9


10:00 am

FYS A-8, B-8, C-8, D-8, E-8, F-8, G-8


11:00 am

FYS A-7, B-7, C-7, D-7, E-7, F-7, G-7



12:00 pm FYS A-6, B-6, C-6, D-6, E-6, F-6, G-6     
1:00 pm

FYS A-5, B-5, C-5, D-5, E-5, F-5, G-5




2:00 pm

FYS A-4, B-4, C-4, D-4, E-4, F-4, G-4


2:30 pm

FYS A-3, B-3, C-3, D-3, E-3, F-3, G-3

3:00 pm

FYS A-2, B-2, D-2, E-2, F-2, G-2

3:30 pm 

FYS A-1, B-1, C-1, D-1, E-1, F-1, G-1


Merry Jo Brandimore House

TIME Thursday, 8/22/24    
9:00 am MJBH 101-108, 201-208, 301-308    
10:00 am      
11:00 am MJBH 109-120, 209-220, 309-320    
12:00 pm      
1:00 pm MJBH 121-128, 221-228, 321-328    
2:00 pm MJBH 129-136, 229-236, 329-336    
2:30 pm MJBH 237-242, 337-342, Open Check-In for MJBH/LCSW    
3:00 pm  Open Check-In for MJBH/LCSW    
3:30 pm  Open Check-In for MJBH/LCSW    

Living Center Southwest

TIME Thursday, 8/22/24    
9:00 am LCSW 2101-2117, 2201-2229, 2301-2317    
10:00 am      
11:00 am LCSW 2118-2129, 2218-2229, 2318-2329     
12:00 pm      
1:00 pm LCSW 2130-2134, 2230-2234, 2330-2324     
2:00 pm      
2:30 pm Open Check-In for MJBH/LCSW    
3:00 pm Open Check-In for MJBH/LCSW    
3:30 pm Open Check-In for MJBH/LCSW    

Living Center South

TIME Wednesday, 8/21/24    
9:00 am LCS 1101-1115, 1201-1215, 1301-1315    
10:00 am      
11:00 am LCS 1116-1131, 1216-1231, 1310-1331    
12:00 pm      
1:00 pm LCS 1132-1138, 1232-1238, 1332-1338     
2:00 pm LCS 1139-1145, 1239-1245, 1339-1345    
3:00 pm      
3:30 pm      

University Village East

Friday, 8/23/24 9:00am - 3:30pm, UV 450, Community Center
Saturday, 8/24/24 9:00am - 3:30pm, Curtiss Hall 118, Housing Operations (no golf cart services)

University Village West

Friday, 8/23/24 9:00am - 3:30pm, UV 450, Community Center
Saturday, 8/24/24 9:00am - 3:30pm, Curtiss Hall 118, Housing Operations (no golf cart services)

Pine Grove

Friday, 8/23/24 9:00am - 3:30pm, PG 7800, Community Center


Saturday, 8/24/24 9:00am - 3:30pm, Curtiss Hall 118, Housing Operations (no golf cart services)


Check-in Dates & Times

 Wednesday, 8/21/2024 and Thursday, 8/22/24 (*date/time assigned by room)
Residents living in First Year Suites and Living Centers
9:00 am – 3:30 pm daily - see Move-in Schedule below for full details

 Friday, 8/23/24 – Saturday, 8/24/2024
Residents living in University Village, and Pine Grove 
9:00 am – 3:30 pm daily - see Move-in Schedule below for full details

Steps to Check-In

  1. Make sure you are registered and paid in full in order to obtain your key.  Account information is listed at mySVSU.  Direct questions regarding balances to the Campus Financial Services Center at or by calling 989-964-4900.
  2. Residential students are strongly encouraged to get any recommended vaccines prior to community living.
  3. Bring a picture ID (license or SVSU ID) to check-in and have ready.
  4. Check in and unload.  No driving on sidewalks at any time.
  5. Receive a Parking Pass. If you have already registered, you may claim your pass at check-in at our Parking Services tent.
  6. Move vehicle(s) to your residential/temporary unloading parking lot to a residential lot for overnight parking.  
  7. Complete your Room Condition Report prior to unpacking (check all personal and community/shared spaces including exteriors of your unit) and return to Housing Office, Curtiss 118, within 7 days.
  8. Put trash in dumpsters.  Recycle packing materials near our trash dumpsters; collapse cardboard, etc.
  9. Visit the check-in location any time for questions/concerns regarding your room.  Contact the RAs on duty after check-in hours and on evenings/weekend.
  10. Give loved ones a farewell/goodbye hug.
  11. Enjoy your new home and campus community by making connections!

Additional Move-in Information

The Resident shall be responsible for maintaining such renter’s liability insurance as the Resident chooses. The University shall have no responsibility for the personal possessions of the Resident (per the contract). Residents may want to check personal home insurance providers for additional coverage. 

At SVSU, the safety of our campus community is always our priority. We strongly encourage all students to enroll in Campus Alert— SVSU's Emergency Notification System. Enrollees receive official notifications via cell phone, text messaging, landlines and email, in the event of a critical incident or campus closing due to adverse weather. Enrollment takes just a few minutes and can be completed online by.  Parents, if you choose to have your student register your contact information, please be advised that you will also receive notification of campus closures due to adverse weather, which are often issued early in the morning. 

We highly recommend students download the SVSU SAFE app to their cell phones. The app features emergency contacts, crisis alerts, location services features, in-app tip reporting, and much more! More information can be found here.

What to Bring:

  • blankets, pillows, linens and mattress pad (mattress size 36"x 80" also called extra-long twin)    
  • cleaning equipment and supplies (mop, bucket, broom, and trash bags)
  • desk supplies
  • extension cord and surge protector
  • flashlight(s)
  • small tool kit
  • First Aid kit
  • kitchen supplies (cookware, plate/utensils, cups, etc.)
  • laundry detergent, softener and laundry basket
  • lamp (halogen bulbs are prohibited)
  • toiletries including toilet paper
  • vacuum cleaner (campus vacuums provided at front desks of Living Centers)

What the University Provides:

Review the list of amenities provided. University furnishings are not allowed to be removed from the room. Residents interested in bringing additional or larger items (i.e. furniture) are encouraged to wait until after check-in and move-in to receive consent from roommates due to space limitations.

What to Leave at Home:

Be aware of items on the university's Prohibited/Monitored Items List. Students are not allowed to have pets (except non-carnivorous fish), halogen lamps, spider lamps, open element appliances (George Foreman grills, heating plates, toaster ovens, etc.), open flames (candles, incense, etc.), weapons, firecrackers, and metal-tipped or plastic-tipped darts and dartboard. Possession of items on the prohibited list will result in fines and possible disciplinary actions. 

Mattresses are 36" x 80" and are also called extra-long twin.

In an effort to protect our residents and comply with FERPA, Housing Operations will not disclose directory information. Students may also elect to remain unlisted by contacting the Registrar’s Office.

Residents may access roommate information in the housing portal. 

Residents are instructed to provide the following contact information to family members and friends in cases of emergency or concern.

Emergency Situations – contact University Police at (989) 964-4141

Non-Emergency Situations during normal business hours contact:

Housing Operations
(989) 964-4255

Monday – Friday 
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The RA on Duty phone number for each community can be found in the housing portal.

Desk operations are located in the lobbies of Living Center South, Living Center Southwest and MJ Brandimore House. Desk staff can assist with contacting on-duty staff and local phone numbers. Any customer service issue can be reported to the desk operations staff. Residents may check out vacuum cleaners, mallets, carts, and various games through the Front Desk Operations.

MJB Front Desk is open 10am-10pm daily during the Fall/Winter semesters.

LCS/LCSW Front Desks are open 4-10pm Sunday-Thursday during the Fall/Winter semesters.


Mail and packages are delivered daily Monday – Friday.  The University does not participate in Saturday or Sunday delivery. 

Mail and packages may take extra delivery time as SVSU participates in a central mailing operation with Delta College using the “48710” zip code. Hence, express shipping of packages is not recommended, as express shipping only guarantees to drop shipments at the university and not to the end recipient. Once a package has been received and is processed, students will receive an email with instructions on how the package can be picked up. The package will either be in a locker in the MJ Brandimore House lobby or able to be picked up at the front desk of MJ Brandimore House during open desk hours.

Packages that are obviously marked as perishable will be processed as quickly as possible and available for pick up at the front desk of MJ Brandimore House during open desk hours. Students will receive several emails to pick up as quickly as possible as we do not have cold storage available. SVSU is not responsible for damaged or spoiled packages. 

It is important to update your mailing address with businesses and other important individuals, as Housing Operations does not forward mail or packages upon your departure and they will be returned to the sender. Students are responsible for providing their permanent and current mailing address to the SVSU Office of the Registrar.

Occasionally packages will not be delivered properly to campus via our central mailing operation (Logistics) and our office will not receive the package in a timely fashion or at all. We ask that when emailing our department in search of a missing package that students include the tracking number to expedite our investigation. 

Any mail received without the student's first and last name on file with the university runs the risk of being returned to sender.

Mailing Address:

Complex, Building and Room Number (*see below)
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710 

*Example of how to address:
First Year Suites A-1A
Merry Jo Brandimore House 101A
Living Center South 1101A
Living Center Southwest 2101A
University Village 405-1A
Pine Grove 7570-1A

Building and Room Assignment

Mailbox Location

Package Pick-Up

First Year Suites (A-G)

Merry Jo Brandimore House (Lobby)

Merry Jo Brandimore House (Lobby)

Merry Jo Brandimore House

Merry Jo Brandimore House (Lobby)

Living Center South

Living Center South (Lobby)

Living Center Southwest

Living Center Southwest (Lobby)

Pine Grove (All)

Pine Grove 7800 Community Building

University Village 405-412

University Village 409 (Laundry)

University Village 416-462

University Village Kiosk (Near 416)

University Village 470-476

University Village 475 (Laundry)

SVSU has SpectrumU streaming TV.  Login credentials required and SpectrumU only works on campus using our network.  Coaxial service is no longer supported on our campus, however you may still see the ports in your unit.

Any problems experienced with SpectrumU streaming television service should be reported by submitting an IT Support ticket.  For channel information, download the channel guide: SVSU Cable Channel (1,039KB)  .

Wireless access is available in all housing areas and on campus. Information regarding access can be found at Questions can be directed to IT Support Center at (989) 964-4225 or via email at

Students must comply with the technology use policy.

Computer labs are also available for students who do not wish to bring systems.

SVSU residents traditionally choose to communicate using their personal cell phones. The university recognizes that cellular coverage may be inconsistent within the freshman residential facilities. Courtesy telephones are located in the corridors of freshman residential facilities. Local telephone service is provided at these courtesy phones.

On-Campus Calls: Dial the Last Four Digits

Example: Housing extension 4255

Off-Campus Calls (Saginaw, Bay City, Midland):  Dial Nine First and you must now include the area code and a preceding "1"

Example: 9–1-989-964–4255


Damages: Residents are provided with room condition forms to document room and furnishing conditions at move-in. Room condition forms should be submitted within seven days of occupancy to any unit. [Room Condition Report (175KB)    ] Residents are liable for missing items or actual damage to the unit or any ancillary facility (hallways, stairwells, lobbies, study lounges, laundry rooms, etc.), including furniture, appliances, equipment and for maintaining the unit in a safe and sanitary manner. In the event of such damage, the university will hold all residents of a unit jointly liable for damage charges, and resident(s) will be billed accordingly. Please report any damages immediately so that responsibility can be determined while occupants are still residing. The list of damage fines are below:

Bathroom Ceiling ($50) 

Bathroom Countertop ($125+) 

Bathroom Door Damage ($75) 

Bathroom Door Replacement ($400+) 

Bathroom Floor ($200) 

Bathroom Shower Head ($25) 

Bathroom Sink ($50) 

Bathroom Toilet ($75) 

Bathroom Towel Rack ($25) 

Bathroom Wall Damage ($50) 

Bedroom Blinds ($35) 

Bedroom Carpet Stain/Damage ($100+) 

Bedroom Chair ($150) 

Bedroom Closet Door Damage ($75) 

Bedroom Closet Door Replacement ($100) 

Bedroom Desk ($75) 

Bedroom Door Damage ($75) 

Bedroom Door Replacement & Labor ($400+)

Bedroom Drawer ($75) 

Bedroom Lamp ($50) 

Bedroom Light Globe ($75) 

Bedroom Mattress Damage ($150) 

Bedroom Smoke Detector ($100) 

Bedroom Wall ($50) 

Bedroom Window Screen ($60) 

Bedroom Window Sill ($100) 

Carbon Monoxide Detector ($50) 

Door Adhesive ($40) 

Door Frame Damage ($150) 

Door Repaint ($60) 

Exterior Grease Stain ($75) 

Fire Extinguisher Missing ($100) 

Furnace Door & Labor ($1000+)

Improper Checkout ($100) 

Kitchen Bulletin Board ($50) 

Kitchen Counter Damage ($125) 

Kitchen Dining Chair Damage/Missing ($150) 

Kitchen Dining Table ($250) 

Kitchen Drawer Damage ($60) 

Kitchen Floor ($150+) 

Kitchen Microwave ($50) 

Kitchen Refrigerator Dents ($100) 

Kitchen Refrigerator ($500) 

Kitchen Stove ($500) 

Living Room Carpet ($100+) 

Living Room Chair ($400) 

Living Room Coffee Table ($200) 

Living Room End Table ($75) 

Living Room Entertainment Center ($150) 

Living Room Lamp ($100) 

Living Room Sliding Door Blinds ($100)

Living Room Sliding Door Screen ($100) 

Living Room Sofa ($800) 

Lost Key ($50) 

General Cleaning ($100+)

Patio ($100) 

Public Area Damage ($50+) 

Thermostat ($150) 

Wall Adhesive Removal ($40+) 

Wall Repaint ($50/wall)

Wall Vent Damage ($50) 

Every attempt is made to determine parties responsible for any and all damages that occur. In the instance where responsibility cannot be determined, the charge, including labor, will be distributed among all residents of the facility.

University property, other than furnishings assigned to the licensed premises, is not allowed in student rooms. Such items will be removed and a charge will be levied to the occupants.

SVSU highly encourages all vaccinations to be up to date when living in community.  Meningitis vaccinations are also strongly recommended.

By signing the Housing Contract, students agree to make payment(s) according to the payment schedule. If students plan to utilize scholarships, student loans or any other student financial aid, they must submit the appropriate materials to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid in a timely manner to ensure adequate time to complete any required review processes and their ability to meet payment deadlines. Failure to meet payment deadlines will result in the student's removal from registered classes and university housing. Students are not released from their Housing Contract if they re-enroll during the contract period.

A limited number of loft kits are available for university housing bed furniture, with the exception of First Year Suites A-C Houses. Only university-provided lofts are permitted. The fee associated with the loft kit request is non-refundable once delivered. Students are responsible for loft kit assembly and tear down.  

Loft kits can be requested by completing the Loft Kit Request Form in the housing portal.

A $50 fee will be assessed to the student account once delivered. The fee is subject to change.

Please access room assignments through the housing portal.  SVSU login name and password required. To engage with your roommates before coming to campus you can contact them via email using the SVSU email system. We suggest that you not purchase belongings with roommates in case changes are made before you move in.

We want to ensure that students have the meal plan that best supports their needs. To make any changes, please fill out the meal plan change form in the housing portal anytime thru Friday, August 30, 2024. 

Your ID card will be distributed at check-in if you did not receive it at our SOAR or TOP orientations. You’ll need it for identification and to access meal plans and building entrances. 

All University housing facilities are furnished. Some shared bedrooms have been converted to singles and have an extra set of furniture which must stay, as we do not have additional storage on campus. While it isn’t necessary for you to bring furniture, we do encourage you to personalize your room, as long as the furniture is approved by roommates and maintains fire egress.  Please do not put holes in any surfaces. Also, the Housing Operations Office does not endorse any adhesive product for hanging items on walls. 

Students who will be keeping a vehicle on campus will have the opportunity to register their vehicles with Parking Services in advance by going online to and clicking on Parking ServicesPermits will also be available at Parking Services on check-in day for all pre-registered individuals. In alignment with our commitment to affordability, permits are free of charge to students. Students are required to provide their driver’s license and valid vehicle registration in order to register vehicles. Parking lot assignments will be provided when you register your vehicle. Students who will be keeping a vehicle on campus need to park their vehicles in a residential lot by midnight when checking in. You may not drive on sidewalks or grass under any circumstances. 


Please contact us if you have any urgent questions before your arrival at We are here to support you in any way that we can! 


Housing Operations
Curtiss 118
(989) 964-4255

Residential Life
Curtiss 114
(989) 964-4410

Dining Services
Curtiss Hall 122
(989) 964-4252