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Student-travel Grant

On March 11, President Bachand sent out a university-wide email regarding SVSU's policies for dealing with the coronavirus threat. The following policy was included in the message:

"We strongly discourage SVSU-sponsored domestic travel by faculty, staff and students. Faculty, staff and students should consult with their supervisor prior to any trips. We may further restrict domestic travel with little advance notice, as circumstances warrant."

In accordance with this policy, the UGRP regretfully will be suspending any decisions regarding funding for student-travel grants through April 17 and will not be accepting applications at this time.

The SVSU Student-Travel grant provides students with up to $1,500 of funding to travel to academic and professional conferences to present their original research. To learn more about the SVSU student-travel grant and/or apply, download Student-travel Application Form (49KB) Student-travel Application Form (49KB)  (33KB) instructions. Additionally, please review the Student-travel Sample Budget (13KB) (13KB) and Example Student-travel Application (82KB)  (82KB) .  All students applying to student-travel grant must also apply for an IELD (40KB) (40KB) grant from the Student Association.

Limit: One Student-Travel Grant allowed per student throughout SVSU career, maximum funding of up to $1,500

Due Date: Applications for Student-Travel Grants are reviewed on the first of the month, each month. Applications must be submitted prior to travel dates.  Notification will be emailed by the 15th of the month if not before.

Click here to view a list of student-travel grant awardees from July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018.

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