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Student-travel Grant

The SVSU Student-Travel grant provides students with up to $1,500 of funding to travel to academic and professional conferences to present their original research. To learn more about the SVSU student-travel grant and/or apply, download Student-travel Application Form (173KB)  instructions. Additionally, please review the Student-travel Sample Budget (13KB)  and Example Student-travel Application (82KB).  All students applying to student-travel grant must upload proof of applying for IELD allocations from Student Association.  Complete the google form, SVSA Allocations (

Visit to submit an application.  

Limit: One Student-Travel Grant allowed per student throughout SVSU career, maximum funding of up to $1,500

Eligibility: Undergraduate students registered at least half time during the academic year (6 or more credits per Fall and Winter semesters). Applicants must be enrolled as SVSU undergraduate student during time of travel or traveling within six months of graduation. To be considered for a student-travel grant, student must be presenting at a peer-reviewed/juried conference. 

Due Date: Applications for Student-Travel Grants are reviewed on the first of the month, each month. Applications must be submitted prior to travel dates.  Notification will be emailed by the 15th of the month if not before.

Click here to view a list of student-travel grant awardees from July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023.