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A student being mentored by a professor

Getting Started


Congratulations on your decision to explore involvement in undergraduate research. You will find there are a variety of opportunities for you to get involved in research and creative activities during your time at SVSU. While finding the right fit may take time, patience, persistence, and perhaps assistance from someone in the know, you will find your involvement in undergraduate research will be well worth it. This website is designed to help you learn all about what the undergraduate research program has to offer. We hope you find the information helpful. However, if you have questions that weren't answered here send us an email at or call (989) 964-7320.

For many students, getting started in the undergraduate research program is often the most difficult step. As you consider how you might like to get involved, here are some suggestions:

  • Find a subject that interests you.
    Think about classes that you have enjoyed. Was there a project, paper, lab, idea, or experience that really left you wanting to learn more about it? Why did you enjoy it? What do you want to learn more about? Finding a topic, problem, idea, or activity that really excites you is a great place to begin.
  • Talk to a faculty mentor.
    If you really enjoyed a class and want to learn about that subject area, make an appointment to speak with the faculty member.  You can also search our website for existing projects and UGRP research leaders. Remember to do your homework ahead of time - that is, prepare for your meeting with the faculty member. Find out what he/she is researching and then become familiar with some of the terms and ideas related to the field.
  • Consider all different UGRP funding opportunities.
    Are you an underclassman looking to get some experience conducting research outside traditional classroom experience? Do you already have some research experience, and are now hoping to answer your own research questions? Have you already conducted research, and now simply need financial support to help you travel to a conference to present your work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the UGRP is for you. Take time to learn more about each of the different UGRP funding opportunities.
  • Visit the Sponsored Programs Office.
    Take some time to stop by the Sponsored Programs Office to introduce yourself. Meet the individuals who work with the applicants for these grants on a daily basis. Learn more about existing projects and ask to examine samples of successfully funded applications.
  • Attend the Spring Research Program.
    Each winter semester, the UGRP hosts the Spring Research Symposium in Groening Commons. Attending this event will help you learn more about the types of research occurring at SVSU and the faculty who are working on these projects. Take time to stop by and view the research currently funded by the UGRP and consider possibilities for how you might get involved in the future.