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Mission, Vision, Values


A partnership with

The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation

Vision: SVSU UGRP will enhance undergraduate education and further distinguish SVSU both regionally and nationally through its support of student and faculty-led research.

Mission: SVSU UGRP will integrate the university's teaching and research missions through the creation and facilitation of faculty/student research partnerships.


Students' involvement in undergraduate research introduces them to the culture of a particular discipline; modes of inquiry and discourse in the discipline; and the methodology and ethical issues confronted in the discipline. Students build research skills they utilize in all aspects of their academic careers, find housework more relevant, and gain a sense of engagement in the university. Students also can bring fresh and new insights to the faculty's work.

Faculty and Deans build campus consensus for undergraduate research as a crucial educational activity that supports the mission of the institution. Faculty engages in instructional practices to improve student outcomes based on evidence-based practices and innovative solutions that broaden participation in undergraduate research. In a collaborative relationship with students, faculty can help to develop the next generation of researchers and scholars. 

The Provost and President support a comprehensive undergraduate research program and promote it to the Board of Control in order to garner support of its members as well as their commitment to help support it financially. 

The Board of Control endorses undergraduate research as an enrichment of undergraduate education and faculty development that helps to accomplish the mission of the institution. 


  • Integrate the university's research and teaching missions
  • Expand the university's research capacity
  • Create a strengthened research environment for students
  • Develop students' research competency in a discipline
  • Promote an innovation-oriented culture
  • Contribute to the development of students' critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and intellectual independence
  • Enhance student learning through monitoring relationships with faculty
  • Increase student engagement in learning
  • Improve student retention and persistence to graduation, especially for underrepresented populations of students
  • Strengthen students' post-graduation educational and professional opportunities
  • Provide additional competencies for employment in students' respective disciplines