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Faculty FAQ's


How do I apply for a UGRP faculty-led grant?

Applications may be submitted at Applications are accepted twice a year on October 31 and March 15. Prior to completing application, consult Faculty-led Application Form (61KB)

What is the difference between a UGRP faculty-led grant and a faculty research grant or "unit grant"? 

These two grants are used to support two very different goals. The faculty research grants or "unit grants" are typically used to promote research that leads to publication or presentation. The review process is heavily concerned with the merit of the research. Funding for these grants can be used to support the purchase of supplies, student salaries, and/or release time. UGRP faculty-led grants are used to help faculty increase the capacity of existing research projects by incorporating undergraduate students into their research. The review process is heavily concerned with the ways in which the faculty will provide his/her student researchers with a meaningful research experience and the mentoring techniques that will be used to ensure this happens. Funding for these grants is used primarily to support student salaries, plus a small amount ($500/student) can be used to purchase supplemental supplies necessary due to additional individuals working on the project. 

How do I hire a student to work on my faculty-led grant with me? 

UGRP funded student positions work the same as all other campus positions. These positions must be posted on the career services webpage and students must apply. Faculty are responsible for creating their own job posting, interviewing possible applicants, and selecting their final candidate.