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A student being mentored by a professor

The Value of Mentoring


The SVSU Undergraduate Research Program is a university-wide program that is serving to integrate the university's teaching and research missions through the creation and facilitation of faculty/student research partnerships. Faculty are playing a crucial role in the program by engaging in instructional practices to improve student outcomes based on evidence-based approaches and innovative solutions that broaden participation in undergraduate research. In a collaborative relationship with students, faculty can help to develop the next generation of researchers and scholars. 

Faculty who engage undergraduate students in their research find that students bring fresh insight and inquiry to their area of study. After working with undergraduate students on research, faculty report:

  • Increased morale, self-esteem, and satisfaction (Wilson, 2000)
  • Enhanced lectures (Hakim, 2000)
  • Accelerated research productivity (Wilson, 2000)
  • Heightened visibility via the achievements of protégés (Kock & Johnson, 2000)


Across SVSU's campus, faculty participating in the UGRP, have found their students to be more than just an extra pair of hands.

"Our research lab has progressed so much because of the work we've been able to do with our undergraduate research team. Our students are an integral part of the research we're doing and it's incredibly energizing and gratifying to work with such enthusiastic, dedicated students."
- Sheruni Ratnabalasuriar PhD & Timothy Rowlands PhD, Assistant Professors of Criminal Justice