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Mini Student-led

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The purpose of this grant is to provide a small amount of seed money for students to initiate their own research in a timely fashion. With the support of a faculty mentor, students in all disciplines are eligible. Projects can receive funding up to $250. Funding may be used for research supplies, special training fees, software licenses, and some incentives (see grant application for incentive requirements). Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. To learn more about the SVSU mini student-led grant and/or to apply, download Mini Student-led Instructions (96KB)  (96KB) . 

Due Date: Applications are due the first of the month, every month. Once submitted, your proposal will be evaluated by your faculty mentor (designated by applicant) and department chair (coinciding with applicant’s major). Upon approval, the UGRP committee will review. Decisions will be emailed by the end of the month if not before.


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Interim Director Undergraduate Research

Dr. Brian Thomas
Office Hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays
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