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Michigan Space Grant Consortium

MSGC’s Faculty Led Undergraduate Fellowship opportunity supports faculty led research and public service projects involving undergraduate students from affiliate institutions who are conducting research and projects relevant to NASA’s strategic interests as expressed in NASA’s 2014 & 2018 Strategic Plans. Specifically, research focused on aerospace, space science, and earth system science. While faculty working in other related science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields are also eligible to apply; starting this year, MSGC is piloting an expanded definition of STEM to include support for interdisciplinary projects that include art. Faculty conducting research and projects relevant to NASA’s strategic interests in disciplines not traditionally considered STEM, such as the humanities or social sciences, are likewise encouraged to apply. The fellowship-supported research may occur over the summer, during the academic year, or both. 

To learn more about the Michigan Space Grant Consortium student fellowships and/or to see the application guidelines, go to Faculty Led Fellowships for Undergraduates

You may also contact Associate Professor Mohammad Khan in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at for information about, or assistance with, the SVSU application process.

Michigan Space Grant Consortium grants must be submitted on students' behalf by the Office of Sponsored Programs staff. Interested students should contact the Sponsored Programs Office staff no later than October 30th.  Please contact Melissa Woodward (, ext. 7488) for more information.

Due Date: Due November 15, 2024