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Faculty-led Research Grant

Apply to the opportunity by visiting

The SVSU faculty-led grant provides faculty with the opportunity to expand the capacity of their research while simultaneously mentoring undergraduate students in effective research strategies.
Funds are available for the following:

  • Student salary up to $1,000 per semester per student during the academic year and salary up to $2,500 per student during the Spring and Summer terms (faculty may work with a maximum of three students per semester).  Students may be hired for one semester or multiple semesters for a maximum of one year.
  • Additional supplies up to $500 per student to conduct research that extends the faculty member's work

To learn more about the SVSU faculty-led grant and/or to apply, download Faculty-led Application Form (72KB) instructions. 

Due Date: By 4:30 pm on October 31 and March 15 yearly or next business day if the due date falls on the weekend.

Non-STEM Application Example (391KB)  

STEM Application Example (422KB)  

In order to enhance the diversity of students conducting research and increase the participation of underrepresented populations in the UGRP, the School/University Partnership office (SUPO) has partnered with the UGRP to provide additional funding for faculty to hire student reseachers who graduated from public school academies (PSA) supported by SUPO. For a complete list of PSAs, click on

To be eligible for this funding, faculty should state your intent to hire a PSA student in your application. You should also identify your intent to hire a PSA student in your responses to relevant questions when submitting application to InfoReady Review. 

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