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STEM Scholars Network - Explore Cyber Security Camp

Explore Cyber Security is a four-day, hands-on summer experience in computer science for students currently learning at the high school level. The only prerequisite is basic computer literacy, which means the ability to google, and the ability to download and install and run software using MS-Windows.

Students will learn how to make uncrackable passwords, implement 2-factor authentication, make a home network more secure (including IoT devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa), and how corporations implement network, web and mobile app security. We will have working cybersecurity professionals stop by for visits to discuss the kinds of careers people can have in the field of cybersecurity.

The camp includes hands-on access to Dr. Corser’s Portable Cyber Lab, an enterprise-grade rack mount system where a wide range of cybersecurity attacks and defenses can be conducted in a safe, consequence-free environment.

Instructor: Dr. George Corser, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Information Systems

Program Dates: August 1-4, 2022

2022 STEM Scholars High School Camp Application (154KB)

Students using a computer.

Student repairing robot.

Student testing health equipment.