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Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow STEM Scholars Summer Camps

Since 2015, the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow STEM Scholars Summer Camps have brought academically talented students to campus for interactions with SVSU faculty and undergraduate students. To date, nearly 200 high school students from throughout the region have engaged in hands-on STEM experiences to expand their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

2023 - STEM Innovators Program

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In the STEM Innovators program, students worked with SVSU engineering, business, and health sciences faculty to explore innovative STEM solutions to a real-world problem. They develops a business idea, conducted a feasibility study, learned marketing strategies, designed a prototype and pitched their creative solution to local experts. It was a true "Shark-Tank" experience!


This program was co-sponsored by AT&T and the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation.




2022 - Explore Cyber Security Camp

In the Explore Cyber Security camp, students learned how to make uncrackable passwords, implement 2-factor authentication, make a home network more secure (including IoT devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa), and how corporations implement network, web and mobile app security. The camp utilized a Portable Cyber Lab, an enterprise-grade rack mount system where a wide range of cybersecurity attacks and defenses can be conducted in a safe, consequence-free environment. Participants also met with working cybersecurity professionals to discuss career opportunities available now and in the future.

"I valued the ability to both work in groups and individually so we could work together cracking codes, but also make sure we are learning on our own. I really enjoyed the camp and learned a lot.”

– Sahiba K., H.H. Dow HS

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