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2017 STEM Scholars Camp

In 2017, we welcomed 55 high school students to SVSU for three unique camp opportunities - Computer Science Explore, Health Science and Kinesiology, and Technology of Filmmaking. Students appreciated learning about careers, seeing the labs and facilities on campus, and the content of the camps. "I valued the time the Occupational Therapy students spent with us, helping us understand what they do in a fun, hands-on way." 

Participating students came from the following school districts: Bad Axe Public Schools, Bridgeport-Spaulding Community Schools, Frankenmuth School District, Hemlock Public Schools, Midland Public Schools, MI Charter Virtual Academy, Reese Public Schools, Saginaw City School District, Saginaw ISD, Saginaw Township Community Schools, and Warren Consolidated Schools.

Computer Science: CS/Explore

The CS Explore Camp introduced participants to a wide range of computer science (CS) topics, especially computer programming, by exploring commercially available hardware and software. Students learned the capabilities of technologies as well as how to use, configure, and implement them. Topics included web programming and app development, robot programming, internet of things, virtual reality, augmented reality hardware and software, and cybersecurity.

The intent of this camp was to demonstrate how many aspects of modern life are becoming computerized or automated, and how important programming is for enriching these aspects of modern life... and how fun it is to do that programming!

Health Science & Kinesiology STEM Camp

The Health Science and Kinesiology STEM camp introduced students to a variety of Health Science, Kinesiology and Public Health topics, issues, opportunities and applications. A primary objective was to promote health, fitness, nutrition and public health awareness while providing hands-on activities within these fields of study and practice! Topics included telemedicine tools, human performance testing, sports nutrition, water quality, healthcare administration, and nursing simulations. Participants also interacted with local health care professionals and experienced healthy eating and fitness activities at a local farmers' market.

Technology of Filmmaking

This camp covered the basics of filmmaking, including an introduction to script development, set design, cinematography, sound, and editing. Students spent part of the day learning the filmmaking technique and the rest of the day working "on location" in production teams. By the time the camp "wrapped," students and their production team produced a short film that they added to their portfolio and shared with friends.

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