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For K-12 Students and Parents

Science, technology, engineering, and math... no matter where your interest lies, STEM@SVSU has you covered with a variety of programs, exciting camps, and fun opportunities for every K-12 student! Find your grade level below to start browsing and figure out your next STEMazing step. For information about other programs the university offers, check out the Summer Camps page.

High School Programs

Attention 9th – 12th grade students! Explore your horizons with programs such as Chief Science Officers, STEM Scholars and more! Discover more about STEM-related high school opportunities here.

Middle School Programs

STEM@SVSU offers awesome, year-round programs for middle schoolers to explore! Opportunities include Chief Science Officers, SMEK Senior, and Teen Science Cafes.

Elementary School Programs

You’re never too young for STEM! New STEM experiences await any elementary school student with fun programs such as the SMEK Junior summer camp and Girl Scouts STEMapalooza! These memorable activities increase STEM awareness at a young age. Check them out!

Online Learning

Who says learning online can't be fun!? Explore awesome educational links, categorized by content area and divided by grade bands (Pre-K - 2nd grade, 3rd - 5th grade, 6th - 8th grade, and 9th - 12th grade). Watch videos created by our STEM@SVSU staff and volunteers; then be sure to try the activities at home too!

STEM Workforce Information

Haven’t figured out what career is right for you yet? STEM-related career paths are worth a look... and not just the standard scientist or engineer. STEM careers have excellent job growth, offer higher salaries than non-STEM careers, and are open to individuals with differing educational backgrounds. These resources highlight why you should consider an occupation in a growing STEM field.

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