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2016 STEM Scholars Camps

In 2016, high school students from throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region participated in a variety of summer camps, including Fruits as Natural Bleaches, Growing into the Future with Plant Science, STEM Exploration Camp, and SVSU Robotics & Beyond Camp. Participants engaged in problem-solving, data evaluation, and activities that explored current advances in science and technology. 

Students from the following school districts participated in the 2016 camps: Bangor Township School District, Bay City Public Schools, Grafton School District, Hemlock Public Schools, Lutheran Schools, Missouri Synod (Valley Lutheran High School), Midland Public Schools, Mosas Homeschool Academy, Saginaw City School District, and Saginaw Township Community School.

Fruits as Natural Bleaches

This STEM camp examined the use of various citrus fruit and their ability to remove common stains, as a natural alternative to bleach cleansers. This project-based learning opportunity benefitted students by: teaching them to write a problem statement, organize for problem solving, evaluate data, and communicate results.

Growing into the Future with Plant Science

Continued advances in plant science are fundamental to meeting the needs of our growing population for safe and nutritious food, shelter, clothing, and sustainable energy, while also addressing climate change and habitant conservation.  This camp increased participants' understanding of the producers in our biosphere through experiments in plant cell biology, genetics, anatomy, and physiology. Students explored key concepts such as increasing crop yields while reducing agricultural environmental impacts, controlling invasive species, and the role of plants in curbing global warming.

STEM Exploration Camp

During the STEM Exploration Camp, participants investigated various scientific topics using professional quality equipment.  Subjects and equipment utilized included AC and DC electronics, Electron Microscopy, Optical Microscopy & Biological Illustration, Telescopes & Solar, Optics & Spectroscopy, Computer Simulations, Waves & Oscillations, and Structural Design.

SVSU Robotics & Beyond Camp

The evolution of sensor technology has a tremendous impact in innovative applications ranging from humanoids to renewable energy. The SVSU Robotics and Beyond camp focused on understanding modern robotics using hands-on experience through projects involving Arduino and Lego Mindstorms kit. Students engaged in problem solving, designing, and programming and presented their prototypes to the local community.

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