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Project Management

Yearly Required Reports

The University has an obligation to sponsors to bring funded projects to an orderly close and to submit a final technical report and financial report. The necessary closing procedures may vary, depending on the policies of the sponsoring agency.

Technical Report will be guided by the agency's requirements and may have the following parts:

  1. Executive summary
    • problem or needs addressed
    • stakeholders and participants
    • project goals and objectives
    • project location and length
    • project resources and expected project outcomes
  2. Project description
  3. Project purpose and evaluation to date
  4. Findings and conclusions included in final report

See U.S. Department of Education Grant Performance Report Instructions (ED Form 524–B).

Financial Report will be guided by the agency's requirements and may include:

  1. Summary to date of monies expended by category
  2. In-kind reporting which must be completed on a daily basis at the following website:
  3. Verification of Compensation Allocation to Grant Contract Form to be signed quarterly

Contact the Controller's office or the Office of Sponsored Programs.

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