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Project Management

Principal Investigator (Project Director) Project Implementation

The Principal Investigator (PI) holds a number of responsibilities related to sponsored projects, the core of which is conducting or coordinating the work for which external funding has been received. The PI also has administrative responsibilities such as assuring that expenditures are made for the intended purpose of the project and in accordance with sponsor requirements and University policy and procedures. Other PI responsibilities include writing proposals for funding and complying with the technical requirements of awards. The latter involves submitting periodic and final narrative reports on the progress of the project on a timely basis, and overseeing others who may contribute to the project, including University employees, consultants, and subcontractors.

Since sponsored projects are legal agreements between a sponsor and SVSU, and the University to fulfill its responsibilities under sponsored agreements, it is necessary for the PI to be appointed as a full-time faculty member or administrator. If a part-time faculty member is appointed as PI, he/she must have a sponsoring, full-time faculty member who will oversee and be responsible for the project.

Responsibilities of the PI
Time and Effort Reporting Policy
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