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Award Administration

Sponsored Programs (SP) in collaboration with the Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for administering all sponsored projects awarded to the University. This includes monitoring budget transactions, verifying and enforcing sponsor terms and conditions, processing administrative reports, preparing and overseeing subcontracts, and implementing changes mandated by both Federal and private agencies.

The Controller’s office is responsible for monitoring expenditures to ensure compliance with University Policies and Procedures and sponsor requirements. The Controller’s office is also responsible for the distribution and interpretation of financial accounting information such as monthly budget reports.

When a PI agrees to implement a sponsored award or contract, he/she assumes legal, managerial, and ethical obligations. Not only must a PI have the technical expertise to produce and deliver the products or services outlined in the grant, he/she must also possess managerial skills to ensure the program’s objectives are achieved in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Even a well-executed project that meets its objectives will not be considered favorably by the sponsor if there are reporting and budget problems.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that a PI become familiar with fundamental managerial concepts, since this can be a deciding factor in a program’s failure or success. 

Quarterly SP will meet with PIs for specific program/agency compliance training, budget review, and project update meetings.

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