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Administrative Procedures

Project Management

Project management involves maintaining accountability for post-award transactions, as well as assuring compliance with applicable sponsor rules, regulations and/or terms and conditions of the award. Sponsored project accounts are set up in accordance with the budget approved by the sponsor. The statement of work must be carried out in accordance with the approved proposal. Varying degrees of flexibility are provided by the sponsors with regard to budget revisions, allowable expenditures, and changes in the statement of work. In some instances, prior approval by the sponsor is required.

SP and Controller's office will meet with PI quarterly to help PI understand compliance with sponsor requirements.  SP and the Controller's office are responsible for overseeing sponsored project activities and for providing guidance and assistance to the PI and departmental administrators in fulfilling their responsibilities to the sponsor.

PI Responsibilities

Post-Award Administration

Changes that occur in a sponsored project usually require prior approval from the sponsoring agency. The following items are changes that occur most frequently in the conduct of sponsored projects.  Approvals in writing should be obtained by the PI from the sponsoring agency before expenditures are incurred. Questions about particular transactions should be directed to SP.

Change in Key Project Personnel
Change in the Statement of Work
Extra Compensation
Foreign Travel
Stipends and Tuition Remission
Carryover of Funds
No-Cost Extensions
Institutional Base Salary (IBS)

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