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Training: Laboratory Employees/Non-Employee Animal Users

Federal law requires that the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) make recommendations to the Institutional Official (IO) for development and administration of animal care and use training programs for all personnel involved in the use of animals in teaching or research. Employees/ non-employee animal users of SVSU Laboratories require training in order to understand the safe application of principles of basic and advanced animal husbandry, veterinary medical treatment, research design, and regulatory requirements. It is the policy of Saginaw Valley State University IACUC to provide and document a comprehensive training program for all Lab employees/ non-employee animal users.

Administrative Responsibility - It is the responsibility of the Laboratory Coordinator to design and implement the training program for lab employees.

IACUC Coordinator - Will maintain records of lab training; provide instructions for use of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) web training site, and provide occupational health and safety (OH&S) materials, including a summary of hazards and instructions for OH&S program participation.

Documentation of Training - The Lab PI/coordinator will maintain individual files for all lab employees/ non-employee animal users that will include training received by lab employees (including students); Lab employees/ non-employee animal users will also maintain records of on-the-job training; training provided by lab employees/ non-employee animal users to other employees or to animal users, including topic, trainee, and time required; and all training documents will be made available to the IACUC, federal regulatory personnel, or any other qualified inspector on demand.

Training Program for lab employees and non-employee animal users - Within 1 week of starting work in the lab:  Orientation notebook or web references to handbook; new animal user orientation meetings; Lab worker policy; parking information; SVSU card information; Facility tour; Information on occupational hazards in the lab and access to medical surveillance forms; Material safety data sheet training; Review of IACUC web site home page tutorial with the IACUC Coordinator; Daily supervision and training and on-going training by lab director.

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