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IACUC Reviewer Form (83KB)

The IACUC is composed of a chair, a veterinarian, research scientists, non-scientists, and community representatives and is scheduled to meet monthly.

The IACUC reviews all animal use protocols, ensures compliance with federal regulations, inspects animal facilities and laboratories, and oversees training and educational programs. 

The IACUC makes semiannual inspections of all facilities and laboratories where animals are housed or utilized.

The IACUC serves as a resource to faculty, investigators, technicians, students, staff, and administrators and provides guidance for conducting all animal use procedures with the scientific and ethical principles.

The presence of an IACUC and the IACUC’s responsibility to assure adherence to federal, state, and institutional guidelines for all animal care use are monitored by accrediting agencies that include the Public Health Service (PHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Office of Lab Animal Welfare (OLAW). 

Federally Mandated IACUC Functions:

  1. Review at least once every six months SVSU's program for humane care and use of animals, using the current Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals as a basis for evaluation.
  2. Prepare reports of IACUC evaluations and submit the reports to the Institutional Official.
  3. Review and investigate legitimate concerns involving the care and use of animals at the research facility resulting from public complaints and from reports of non-compliance received from facility personnel or employees.
  4. Make recommendations to the Institutional Official regarding any aspect of the research facility's animal program, facilities, or personnel training.
  5. Review and approve, require modifications in (to secure approval), or withhold approval of those components of proposed activities related to the care and use of animals.
  6. Review and approve, require modifications in (to secure approval), or withhold approval of proposed significant changes regarding the care and use of animals in ongoing activities.
  7. Suspend an activity involving animals when necessary; take corrective action and report to the funding agency, and Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW).

Sponsored Programs provides the necessary services and information for proper care and use of animals whether for wildlife studies, biomedical research, instructional purposes, or other venues. Please contact Sponsored Programs first if you plan to use animals for any purpose related to Saginaw Valley State University functions or activities.  The IACUC Coordinator is located in Wickes 314. Please call with any questions or concerns you may have, (989) 964-4941.

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