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IACUC Educational Animal Use Protocol (20KB)

IACUC Project Renewal-Closeout Form (21KB)

IACUC Research Animal Use Protocol (21KB)

IACUC Wildlife Use Protocol (69KB)

You must submit an Animal Use Protocol (AUP) application (research or educational) and have an approved animal use protocol from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before you begin any work, either on or off campus, which utilizes animals in any capacity for performing your job or any affiliated research efforts with the Saginaw Valley State University.  Students are required to list a faculty member as the "Principle Investigator."

Instructions for using this form:

  1. Getting Started - Download the AUP application applicable to your study.  
  2. Submitting your AUP
    • Save the completed AUP form as a Word document and submit it electronically using the IRBNet system. You will determine your username and password for access anytime.
    • Your protocol will be reviewed using the "designated reviewer" process or by "full committee review." For more information about IACUC review procedures go to:
    • Once approved, your protocol and approval letter will be available online via the IRBNet system.
    • Please be advised that misconduct, violations of IACUC guidelines or laboratory policies can result in suspension of your protocol.
  1. You must amend your protocol if there are substantial changes regarding the following: The number or type of animals used, permanent personnel working on the project, non-invasive stress or restraint, euthanasia, controlled substance use, or changes in any of the specialized procedure areas.
  2. Viewing and amending your protocol. Once submitted, your protocols are available online via the IRBNet System. These are read only documents, but they may be downloaded and edited as a means to amend or change your protocol.
  3. Each protocol has an annual renewal date and a maximum three year term. Thus, you must annually renew your protocol by reviewing it using the renewal form, making any necessary amendments (as above) and resubmitting it. If there are no amendments, simply write an e-mail to Richard Middleton, to that effect. After three years you must re-submit the protocol anew.
  4. Be advised that the IACUC may ask you to come to a committee meeting and answer questions about your AUP. This may occur at any time because any IACUC committee member may request review of an AUP whether it is pending or has already been approved.

For assistance on IACUC related matters or AUP problems contact:
Richard Middleton, 
IACUC Coordinator, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Wickes 314, 7400 Bay Road, University Center, MI  48710

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