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Virtual Nursing Information Sessions with Department Chairperson

Dr. Karen Brown-Fackler, Nursing Department Chair, will host virtual nursing information sessions that include opportunities to ask questions for any pre-nursing students, transfer students, high school students, and/or others interested in learning more about SVSU's nursing program requirements on:
Recording of September 8th, 2021 Virtual Information Session with Department Chairperson. (View recorded session)
  • Wednesday, January 26th, 4:00 PM
  • Tuesday, February 15th, 4:00 PM
  • Wednesday, March 23rd, 4:00 PM
  • Monday, April 11th, 4:00 PM


No registration is required. All sessions are held on Lifesize.

Use a computer with Chrome browser and go to

If one of the scheduled sessions will not work for you, please request another day and time by emailing Dr. Karen Brown Fackler, Nursing Department Chair, at



  • Minimum GPAs
  • Course Repeat Policy
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • How to apply to the BSN Program
  • Transferring courses to SVSU
  • What happens after you apply
  • Spring/Summer Courses
  • Course Petitions
  • Questions and Answers


Nursing Department Chairperson: Dr. Karen Brown-Fackler,

Pre-nursing advising: Rachel Winter,

Pre-nursing advising for students ready or near ready to apply to the nursing program: Monika Sciba,


Students will be best served if they review the Nursing FAQ page and attend a pre-nursing information session prior to meeting with a pre-nursing advisor.

SVSU Nursing Application

Applications for the Fall 2022 nursing cohort will be accepted beginning Monday, February 21, 2022, through Monday, April 18, 2022 at 12 noon.


Thank you for your interest in the BSN program in the College of Health and Human Services at Saginaw Valley State University.  Below you will find important information about the application process.  Please read each document carefully before beginning to complete the application.  The link to access the nursing application is at the bottom of this page during the application period. 

  • Please carefully read the “Nursing Program Application Instructions” that follow.
  • Be sure to complete the entire application packet. If your application is incomplete, we cannot process it. The entire application must be completed and submitted in one sitting. It cannot be saved to come back to later.

If you have questions regarding the nursing application or application process, please contact Monika Sciba at

If you have questions about your background check, immunizations or BLS (Basic Life Support) certification please contact our Nursing Clinical Coordinator, Danielle Trombley, or by telephone (989) 964-2011.  Please DO NOT provide immunization or BLS certification documents with your nursing application.

Nursing Program Application Instructions

Dear SVSU Nursing Program Applicant:

In providing this application to you, the nursing faculty and I share your excitement about the possibility of you achieving the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) degree from Saginaw Valley State University. Please be aware that you must apply and be admitted to SVSU before applying to the nursing program. The SVSU application is separate from the nursing program application and is available here:

Your nursing application, with attachments, if required, must be submitted with the online application by Monday, April 18, 2022 at 12 noon. Winter 2022 semester grades for courses taken somewhere other than SVSU must be submitted to the Nursing Department via email to as soon as you can after the semester is complete to confirm the successful completion of the courses.

The selection process will include a review of your academic credentials, overall GPA, science/statistics GPA of requisite nursing courses: Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 232 & 233), Human Nutrition (BIO 236), Microbiology (BIO 237), General Chemistry (CHEM 111/111L), Statistics (PS225!), Social Sciences  General Psychology (PSYC 100) and Introduction to Sociology (SOC 111), General Education Categories 9 - oral communication, and 10 -written communication courses.

Applicants eligible to move forward in the selection process must complete a preliminary background check.   Instructions will be emailed to you via your SVSU email account.  

The SVSU Registrar must have official transcripts on file from all colleges and/or universities ever attended other than SVSU.

Required documents only if you have completed credits or have credits in progress at another institution:

1.  Current class schedule from other institutions. 

2.  Unofficial transcript from other institution(s) if the SVSU Registrar does not have an updated official transcript on file.

3.  If your SVSU degree audit does not reflect approved course substitutes, you must submit a copy of your signed course petition form(s).

If you are transferring Anatomy & Physiology courses to SVSU, the courses must be petitioned. Use this link to access a petition form.

Any prerequisite course taken at another university that does not have a direct equivalent at SVSU must be petitioned through the Nursing Department chairperson. You can use the SVSU transfer guides to see how your course transfers to SVSU. 

To petition a course: (1) Fill out the petition form. (2) Include a course syllabus, if possible. If a syllabus is not available, include a course description from the University catalog where the course was completed. (3) Include a transcript verifying you have completed the course, or will complete the course, with a passing grade. (4) Email to Dr. Karen Brown-Fackler at

If you have questions about petitions, contact Monika Sciba at 989-964-2732 or

We will communicate with all nursing program applicants through your SVSU email account. Please be sure to check your SVSU email account frequently and make sure your mailbox is not full, as this is the only means of communication that will be used.

Best wishes as you pursue your academic goals at SVSU,

Dr. Karen Brown-Fackler, EdD, RN, CNE - Nursing Department Chair

Following is a list of requirements students must meet when they are admitted to the nursing program. Please read this carefully so that if you are admitted you will be able to comply with these requirements.


It is critical that all candidates for a nursing degree possess certain fundamental skills and abilities. A person qualified for the nursing program is one who has met SVSU’s academic standards and is able, with or without reasonable accommodations, to demonstrate on a regular basis the ability to perform the essential functions of a registered nurse and to provide safe and quality nursing care.

The list of core skills and abilities set forth below is designed to help students make an informed decision about whether to pursue a career in nursing.  The examples of necessary activities provided below are not exhaustive; individual clinical sites may have stricter requirements to which students practicing in that site must adhere.  Additional specific requirements and competencies of the nursing program (e.g., academic standards) are outlined in course syllabi and clinical performance tools. Before deciding whether to obtain a nursing degree, it is important that all students consider whether he or she will be able to perform the essential functions of nursing, with or without accommodations. All nursing students are required to meet the same standards.  SVSU fully complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and does not discriminate against students with disabilities.  If at any time you wish to discuss whether reasonable accommodations can be provided by SVSU, you should submit a written request for accommodation to SVSU Disability Services.  In order to allow Disability Services ample time to determine whether reasonable accommodations can be provided, whenever possible, the request should be submitted prior to entry into a course for which the student believes reasonable accommodations may be needed.


Core Skills


Examples of Necessary Activities


Communication abilities are sufficient for interaction with others in oral and written form.

Explain treatment procedures, initiate health teaching, document and interpret nursing actions and client responses. Read and record documentation in the chart and online data sources, quickly and accurately in emergency situations.


Physical abilities are sufficient to move from room to room and maneuver in small spaces.

Move around in client rooms, workspaces and treatment areas, administer cardio-pulmonary procedures, lift 40 pounds and move patients from bed to wheelchair or stretcher.  Must be able to sit, stand, move and tolerate taxing workloads for up to12 hours at a time.

Motor Skills

Gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to provide safe and effective nursing care.

Calibrate and use the equipment, position clients, administer medications orally and by injection, use hospital equipment safely and manipulate life support devices.  Can apply pressure to stop bleeding.  Can perform palpation, percussion and auscultation.


Auditory ability sufficient to monitor and assess health needs.

Hears monitor alarms, emergency signals, body sounds, cries for help. Can hear using a stethoscope and communicate over the telephone.


Visual ability sufficient for observation and assessment necessary in nursing care.

Observes client responses and recognizes subtle physical changes.  Can determine differences in colors and read information on patient charts, medications and equipment.  Can read gauges. Can see to administer treatments, discriminate colors for diagnostic purposes, observe changes in skin color and drainage on dressings and assess movements.


Tactile ability sufficient for physical assessment and performance of skilled nursing activities.

Performs palpation, functions of physical examination and/or those activities related to therapeutic nursing interventions, e.g. insertion of a catheter or IV. Can assess temperature, shape, size and vibration. Some latex sensitivities can be accommodated, but allergies make it extremely hard, if not impossible, to place in clinical settings.


Coping ability sufficient for coping with death, anxiety, and multiple demands.

Comforts patients and families, keeps personal stress level in check and responds to multiple demands. Acts ethically and uses compassion. Completes all responsibilities, attendant to client care.  Adjusts to changing circumstances.


Reading comprehension, deductive, inductive reasoning and computation skills.

Calculates medication dosages, understands laboratory values, reads and understands physician orders.  Can exercise sound clinical judgment.



If admitted to the nursing program, I understand I will need to meet and comply with the requirements listed below in order to remain in the nursing program.  PLEASE NOTE THESE REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT PART OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS


Immunizations & BLS certifications are required by our clinical agencies when a student begins clinical courses (first semester of the nursing program).

 If you have questions about your background check, immunizations, BLS certification or other health requirements please contact our Nursing Clinical Coordinator Danielle Trombley (; 989-964-2011). 

IMMUNIZATIONS - This is for your information.  Immunizations and records are only required if you are selected for a seat in the nursing program.

Almost all of our healthcare agencies require COVID vaccination. In order to progress through the nursing program, it is necessary for you to have all the required COVID vaccinations and boosters or documentation of valid religious or medical exemptions. It must be understood that if you are not vaccinated, we cannot guarantee that you can progress through the program, and no special clinical accommodations are to be made as declared by the State Board of Nursing.

Please note that you will need documentation of injection or titers. If your immunizations are not current, up to 6 months may be required to obtain this documentation. The following is a list of required immunizations:

  • Hepatitis B (3 vaccine series)
  • Tuberculosis (T.B.) skin test (2-step process requiring 2 separate skin tests) and a chest X-ray if your skin test is positive for T.B.
  • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) (2 vaccines or titer) – a titer is a lab test (IgG).
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) (2 vaccines or titer)-If the titer is negative, the two vaccine series is required. Polio
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap) (done within last 10 years)
  • Annual Flu Immunization


Certification: American Heart Association (Healthcare Provider Course) 

~ OR ~ 

American Red Cross - BLS for the Professional Rescuer/BLS 

You must maintain current certification throughout the program. 

Online courses/certifications are not accepted. 


Please note that the clinical agencies/laboratories we use cannot provide a latex-free environment so we may not be able to place students with latex allergies. We will ask for a statement from your health care provider, as well as possibly requiring a lab (blood) test if you have or develop a sensitivity to latex indicating that it is safe for you to continue in those environments.


If you are an eligible candidate for the nursing selection you will be notified about where to obtain a background check; outside or independent results are not acceptable.

If you are admitted to the nursing program, you will be notified about where to obtain a drug test outside or independent results are not acceptable.


Students are responsible for providing transportation to and from all courses and/or practicum learning experiences. Students must have reliable transportation to the clinical site at locations on multiple schedules during the day and night.


I understand I must have a physical exam completed if I am admitted to the program.

*Please note that other requirements from clinical agencies may be requested.

Attach all required documents BEFORE hitting the submit button.



Once you have submitted your application, you will be notified via your SVSU email account whether you are eligible for consideration for a seat in the nursing program based on meeting the minimum application criteria and will be given further instructions for completing the required preliminary background check.

Students will be notified through their SVSU email account of application decisions. Email notifications of acceptance decisions will be sent the week after Thanksgiving break in fall semester and the end of May in winter semester.

BSN Program

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Graduate Programs

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RN-BSN Program

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