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Nursing Excellence Award

RN Excellence awards banner
Each year, the Department of Nursing at Saginaw Valley State University acknowledges and honors the valuable contributions registered nurses make in our regional community as part of the Annual Carleen K. Moore, RN Nursing Excellence Celebration. The 2021 event marks the 10th anniversary of the award.
We invite you to nominate deserving registered nurses, distinguished in the following service areas:
  • Acute Care Staff Nurses
  • Nursing in the Community/ Public Health
  • Long Term Care and Rehabilitation
  • Nursing Education

Download the application here: Nursing Excellence Award Nomination Form 2022 (40KB)

About the Award

This award is possible due to the generous support of Terry Moore and his wife Carleen K. Moore, RN. Carleen K. Moore worked as an LPN for almost fifteen years before returning to nursing school to become an RN. She then worked in the Critical Care Units at the Midland Medical Center for the next eleven years before retiring from full-time nursing in 2001. Carleen and her husband, Terry, believe in the importance of recognizing and encouraging nurses who demonstrate excellence in their field, and promoting the reputation of Saginaw Valley State University and the SVSU Nursing Program.

Past Award Recipients

Acute Care Nurses

  • 5 East – Covenant HealthCare
  • 6 North – Covenant HealthCare
  • SICU – Covenant HealthCare
  • Jaime Makela – MyMichigan Health
  • Amber Alaniz – MyMichigan Health
  • Jennifer Sajdak – McLaren Bay Region
  • Heather Kinney – Ascension St. Mary's 
  • Katherine Warren – MidMichigan Health
  • Lisa Ross – McLaren Bay Region
  • Mary Beth Madejek – Saint Mary’s of Michigan
  • Denae Case – Covenant HealthCare
  • Scott Miller – McLaren Bay Region
  • Nicole Schelb – MidMichigan Health
  • Susan Becker – Covenant HealthCare
  • Colleen Bernelis – McLaren Bay Region
  • Debra Carlton – Saint Mary’s of Michigan
  • Mary Haley – Saint Mary’s of Michigan
  • Steve LaPorte – MidMichigan Health
  • Tami Best – McLaren Bay Region
  • Ashlee Knoll – Saint Mary’s of Michigan
  • Bethany Corner – MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland
  • Tiffini Jarstfer – MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland
  • Tracy Bruff – Saint Mary’s of Michigan
  • Eric Maher – Saint Mary’s of Michigan

Nursing in the Community

  • Sue Lennon – MyMichigan Health
  • Tawnya Simon – Saginaw County Health Department
  • Bay County Health Department
  • Jessica Kleinfield – Great Lakes Bay Health
  • Raimee Schertzberg – MidMichigan Health
  • Rachel Aultman – MidMichigan Health
  • Ronda Cunningham – McLaren Bay Region
  • Bonnie Khabir – MidMichigan, Clare-Urgent Care
  • Cindy Thornton – MidMichigan Health
  • Cynthia Baker – Marlette Regional Hospital
  • Kathleen Janer – Bay County Health Department

Nursing Education

  • Robin Begick – Covenant HealthCare
  • Deborah Reinhardt – McLaren Bay Region
  • Susan Garpiel – Covenant HealthCare
  • Hall Hewitt – Covenant HealthCare
  • Mary Whyte Marshall – McLaren Bay Region
  • Paula Stopjik – MidMichigan Health
  • Gay Showalter – McLaren Bay Region
  • Nancy Dole – Covenant HealthCare
  • Colleen Markel – MidMichigan Health

Long Term Care/Rehabilitation

  • Joyce Hardy – McLaren Bay Region
  • Susan Rosenbrock – McLaren Bay Region
  • Sandy Shutt – McLaren Bay Region
  • Monica Baranski – McLaren Bay Region
  • Kelly Miceli – HealthSource Rehab Center
  • Diane Hogan – Marlette Regional Hospital, Long Term Care
  • Patti Ann Krenz – McLaren Bay Special Care
  • Karen Rezmer – Covenant HealthCare

BSN Program

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Graduate Programs

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RN-BSN Program

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