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As the second most spoken language in the world, fluency in Spanish is an invaluable tool that sets most professionals apart from the rest of their workforce. With a cross-listed Spanish minor for those in Health Sciences, active language labs, welcoming study abroad programs and immersive experiences out the wazoo – SVSU is prepared to deliver on their promise for a unique and promising higher education!

Program / Degree Requirements

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languages for English speakers to learn
most spoken language
foreign language in demand by employers
Spanish speakers worldwide
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romance languages to learn
Spanish-speaking countries

But What About You?

We, at SVSU, are thrilled to get to learn more about what you’re passionate about. We’re here to support you in fine-tuning your language skills both here and abroad. With courses across the spectrum of both the health and educational fields and an entire range of topics, including everything from Latin American literature to contemporary cinema in Spain and more, we’re ready to help you discover the wonders of Spanish living! Together we’ll explore both the verbal and nonverbal communication in a culture vibrating with life and thriving across multiple continents. 

Commonly Asked Questions

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On to great things! Tere studied abroad at SVSU’s sister university after studying the language and culture of Japan and Latin America through video, discussions and taking translation literature courses via the Modern Foreign Languages Department.


Maribel Colorado-Garcia, Spanish Program
Curtiss 302
(989) 964-4632

Monika Dix, Modern Foreign Languages
Curtiss 144
(989) 964-4333

Julie Foss, French Program
Curtiss 189
(989) 964-4303