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Nara, Japan temple

Japanese Language

As the number one non-Western foreign language program in the region, SVSU welcomes students to take a step out of their comfort zone and become fluent in a language popular for its bestselling manga, hit magical realism authors, all things Pokémon and so much more! As partners with the Japanese Cultural Center and Teahouse, the Modern Foreign Languages Department eagerly promotes an understanding of Japanese language and culture both for our students and for the region. With active language labs and friendly study abroad programs, SVSU continues to showcase why Japanese is the fourth most requested language by employers.

Program / Degree Requirements

non-western language program in eastern Michigan
most requested language by employers
Americans live and work in Japan
largest trading partner with America
credits to graduate with a minor
Japanese facilities provide 40,000+ Michigan jobs

But What About You?

At SVSU, we understand your study of a foreign language means you have a thirst to understand and interact with cultures different than your own. So our MFL department is committed to empowering every student through multicultural experiences. That commitment comes across in our range of courses from literature and culture to special topics and civilization – not to mention our weekly conversation hours where you interact with native or near-native speakers, improving your skills in the best way possible: Through first-hand experience!

Commonly Asked Questions

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What is a language major?
Will I be able to speak another language?
How long does it take to learn another language?
Will I learn about other cultures?
Will I be able to practice with native speakers?

Natasha earned the highly prestigious Boren Scholarship to study in Japan at Kansai Gaidai University. The scholarship provided her with an internship and afforded her the opportunity to explore her love of the Japanese language in the land where it’s spo


Maribel Colorado-Garcia, Spanish Program
Curtiss 302
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Monika Dix, Modern Foreign Languages
Curtiss 144
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Julie Foss, French Program
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