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Student writing in French

French Language

With 38 French-speaking countries, worldwide, students majoring or minoring in French will have ample opportunity to explore the language that they love! Not only does SVSU offer its students extensive study abroad opportunities and festive on-campus activities, but it encourages students to discover other cultures through clubs and interactive classes. Requiring only 20 credits to graduate with a minor and 28 to finalize a major, French language students excel at forging bonds with native speakers and developing their verbal proficiency via both immersive experiences and language labs. Whatever a student’s aspirations, SVSU’s Department of Modern Foreign Languages can help their Cardinals soar!

Program / Degree Requirements

credits to graduate with a minor
French-speaking countries worldwide
1 in 3
foreign language dependant U.S.A. employers report a language skills gap
Top 2
areas in need of foreign language skills are customer service and sales
Top 3 & 4
areas in need of foreign language skills are marketing and management
1 in 4
employers lost business due to a lack of foreign language skills.

But What About You?

We, at SVSU, are excited to get to know you and your interests! We’re here to encourage you to hone your language skills both in and out of the classroom. With classes ranging from elementary to advanced and focusing on all subjects from contemporary Canadian cultures to the history of France and more – we’re eager to find the topic that interests you most. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions and dig a little deeper into our program. Together we’ll adventure to Francophone cultures and explore trends in books and in person – your possibilities of growth extend to the Eiffel Tower and beyond!

Commonly Asked Questions

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Will I learn about other cultures?
Will I be able to practice with native speakers?
Haley is one of only two students in the U.S.A. who was accepted into the Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Scholars Program and to France to conduct veterinary research over the summer.


Maribel Colorado-Garcia, Spanish Program
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Monika Dix, Modern Foreign Languages
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Julie Foss, French Program
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