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SVSU students visiting Italy

Latin Language

With over five languages whose roots are cemented in this classical language, SVSU welcomes students to take a leap into Latin. Learners of this Italic language get to explore and build upon an elementary foundation of Latin, while also discovering opportunities for cultural enrichment through multi-cultural festivals and events, clubs and organizations, and study abroad opportunities.

Courses Available

  • LAT 111 - Elementary Latin I 3cr
  • LAT 112 - Elementary Latin II 3cr

number of widely spoken languages based off Latin
of employers say the foreign language demand will increase
1 in 3
foreign language dependant U.S.A. employers report a language skills gap
Top 2
areas in need of foreign language skills are customer service and sales
Top 3 & 4
areas in need of foreign language skills are marketing and management
1 in 4
employers lost business due to a lack of foreign language skills.

But What About You?

Known as the “mother tongue” of Romance languages, Latin has become an essential part of the vocabulary of most other languages. We, at SVSU, are ready to rally in support of your passion to explore this often misunderstood and “dead language,” that brings so much cultural influence from an ancient time into modern day. The Department of MFL will help you to connect with Latin beyond the Roman numerals and leverage it to build up a basic understanding of how it dominates in the world of academia and beyond!


Maribel Colorado-Garcia, Spanish Program
Curtiss 302
(989) 964-4632

Monika Dix, Modern Foreign Languages
Curtiss 144
(989) 964-4333

Julie Foss, French Program
Curtiss 189
(989) 964-4303