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Professor working with student in language lab

German Language

With over 90 million native German speakers and six countries that primarily speak the language, students pursuing German courses get the chance to embark on one-of-a-kind study abroad excursions. SVSU also offers interactive organizations, clubs and events across campus to broaden and enrich the lives of each student with a wide variety of multicultural experiences with native or near-native speakers. 

Courses Available

  • GER 111 - Elementary German I 4 cr
  • GER 112 - Elementary German II 4 cr
  • GER 211 - Intermediate German I 4 cr
  • GER 212 - Intermediate German II 4 cr
  • GER 311 - Introduction to German Literature I 3 cr
  • GER 312 - Introduction to German Literature II 3 cr
  • GER 321 - German Composition 3 cr
  • GER 332 - German Conversation 3 cr
  • GER 390 - Special Topics 1-4 cr
  • GER 391 - Special Seminar in German 1-4 cr
  • GER 455 - Intensive Language Review 4 cr
  • GER 491 - Seminar in Germanic Studies 3 cr
  • GER 499 - Directed Study 1-4 cr

Over 90 million
native German speakers
German-speaking countries
1 in 3
foreign language dependant U.S.A. employers report a language skills gap
Top 2
areas in need of foreign language skills are customer service and sales
Top 3 & 4
areas in need of foreign language skills are marketing and management
1 in 4
employers lost business due to a lack of foreign language skills.

But What About You?

We, at SVSU, are ecstatic to embark on your latest adventure with you! After gaining a solid understanding of elementary and intermediate German, students can move on to explore special topics, civilization, conversation and composition to truly integrate themselves into the German way of living. Our MFL department is devoted to giving you the best collegiate experience by introducing you to the varied cultural traditions from Germany – and beyond!

Heater Speer at Alpha Mu Gamma induction
Heather Speer used to live in Germany and has now picked up the language, planning to one day visit again. Combining her love of psychology with her love of language, Heather has a new grasp on problem solving.


Maribel Colorado-Garcia, Spanish Program
Curtiss 302
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Monika Dix, Modern Foreign Languages
Curtiss 144
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Julie Foss, French Program
Curtiss 189
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