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American Sign Language

With over 28 million Americans who exhibit some degree of hearing loss and two countries that primarily speak the language, students interested in American Sign Language courses have ample opportunity to unleash their full potential. SVSU provides an engaging atmosphere for each student via interactive clubs and organizations, while also welcoming speakers of a diverse variety to visit campus. 

2024 Course Offerings

  • MFL 190 American Sign Language I (3cr) MW 5:00pm-6:20pm

2025  Course Offerings

  • MFL 191 American Sign Language II (3cr) MW 5:00pm-6:20pm

countries use American Sign Language
of adults experience hearing trouble
people who use ASL as their primary language in the U.S.
28.8 million
Americans could benefit from hearing aids
1 in 8
Americans have hearing loss in both ears

But What About You?

We, at SVSU, are thrilled to help challenge and spend time alongside you during your next great adventure. With over 100,000 people using ASL as their primary language in the U.S.A., the MFL Department welcomes all students to take their first introductory step into the world of American Sign Language. Together, students will come to understand that even ASL has its own unique dialects and slang phrases – making it a skill that’s in high demand!

Ammara Saleem
Ammara Saleem spent her time in the United States indulging in American Sign Language and culture, so she could take her experiences back to her biochemistry degree and communicate on a whole new level.


Maribel Colorado-Garcia, Spanish Program
Curtiss 302
(989) 964-4632

Monika Dix, Modern Foreign Languages
Curtiss 144
(989) 964-4333

Julie Foss, French Program
Curtiss 189
(989) 964-4303