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Help SVSU students cross the finish line to graduation

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Our Degree Completion Fund Donors

Today’s Cardinals are committed and determined, juggling academics, jobs and campus involvement in pursuit of their degrees. Despite seeking all sources of funding – scholarships and financial aid, loans, work, and family – some will still face financial shortfalls that could interrupt their education.

Students approaching graduation face additional challenges: Tuition is often higher for upper-level classes. Clinicals and field work assignments, which are often unpaid, leave no time for outside work. And students who work while in school may take longer to graduate, becoming ineligible for some scholarships that end after four years.

The SVSU Degree Completion fund will provide senior-level students with urgent funding
for tuition, books and other academic needs.

We believe there is no more fitting way to honor Don and Liana Bachand’s years of dedication and service than to help students earn their degrees. Thank you for considering a gift to the SVSU Degree Completion Fund in their honor.

Don and Liana Bachand

For more information, call Ellen Crane, Interim Executive Director of the SVSU Foundation at 989-964-4052.

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