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Giving for SVSU Faculty, Staff & Adjuncts

As an SVSU employee, you play an important role in the success of this university and our students. There are dozens of ways you can support students, including through financial contributions to scholarships or programs.

Every employee gift, large and small, makes an impact.

  • Impacts Students - If a student struggles to afford tuition, the resulting financial stress undercuts their education and opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. 
  • Impacts Recruitment and Retention - Scholarships can be the tipping point that determines whether or not we welcome that new Cardinal in the fall.
  • Impacts Giving from Other Donors - High employee participation in giving communicates to foundations and major donors that we are personally willing to invest in our mission and our students.


Payroll deduction gifts are debited from your paycheck either in one lump sum or over a specified period of time. Many SVSU Faculty and Staff find payroll deduction to be an easy and convenient way to make their gifts to the university, as well as the way to afford a larger annual gift.

Furthermore, anyone can set up a convenient monthly recurring donation from their credit card. Because SVSU Adjunct Faculty are not eligible for payroll deduction giving, recurring gifts are a great alternative option to enhance support. if you have an existing recurring gift and want to upgrade your monthly reccuring giving click here

In recognition that you are investing precious resources toward our students' dreams and ambitions, we will be drawing an Employee Donor of the Month. The winning employee will receive a small token of thanks: a $10 gift card to one of our campus stores and recognition across campus. Your name will be added into the drawing each time you make a gift to support student scholarships and programs during the current fiscal year. Furthermore, employees who set up recurring and payroll deduction gifts will be entered each month.

Thank you for all you do for SVSU.


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Fiscal Year '22 Employee Donors of the Month

October 2021
Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward

First Year Transition Coordinator
Academic Advisement Center


November 2021
Catherine Macomber

Catherine Macomber

Chair, Department of Social Work & Youth Services
DSW Program Director, Assoc. Professor of SW




Wickes Hall 398
(989) 964-4052