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Cardinal Business Edge

Garber Cardinal Business Edge

The Garber Cardinal Business Edge (GCBE) is a leadership development program within the Scott L. Carmona College of Business. This program targets SVSU freshmen and sophomores with strong academics, leadership experience and an interest in business. Each year, 25 students are selected for GCBE, where they will develop life skills, define their leadership style and work on team building outside the typical classroom environment.

There are key elements to GCBE’s success: academic content, mentoring and co-curricular activities.

Students learn the significance of leadership in the business world and refine their own leadership skills throughout their time in the program. “We’ve done a lot of leadership development tasks that I have found very helpful,” says general business major Ryan Pelletier of Midland. “Learning about [and using] our Clifton strengths has been eye-opening.”

The Garber Cardinal Business Edge offers mentoring to students through interactions with business executives, community leaders and faculty. “[GCBE] truly helps you connect with professors on another level. You’re paired with some of SVSU’s kindest and most helpful staff,” remarks Brooke Kilyk of Ortonville, a psychology major.

Students participate in group discussions, interviews and off-site regional business trips. As the capstone of the program, GCBE students travel to Chicago, where they meet with business professionals and tour their workplaces.

Morgan Jensen of Macomb, a marketing major, greatly benefited from the program. “I wanted to get real-world connections and experience. It was important for me to learn [as much as I could] from those currently working in that field.” While part of the program, Morgan gained crucial connections and learned how to network. “The network I have today is thanks to the business trips and shadowing [opportunities] GCBE offered me,” Morgan said.


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