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Women's History Month

Profiles in Leadership

Lewis, Ava

Ava E. Lewis, Ph.D.

Professor of Nursing


1. What is your name and profession?

Ava E. Lewis, Ph.D.
Professor of Nursing

2. What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

A time set aside to recognize and honor the day to day lives and achievements of everyday and outstanding women. 

3. As a woman, in what ways have you struggled to get to where you are today and how did you overcome those struggles?

I have always studied and worked hard. I learned this as a child that nothing is given and everything is earned. The struggles continue, I continue to press forward.

4. As a woman in your position, how have you fought for equity in the workplace and for other women?

I have done this by asking questions and challenging the norms.  Asking how and why things are a certain way and how can we be included.

5. Who was your role model and how did they change your life?

My parents, my grandmother. My parents raised us to value education and always do our best. They taught us to love God and serve others. Serving and advocating for others and the Lord are my missions in life.

6. What is your hope for the next generation of women and girls?

My hope is that the next generation will continue to challenge the norm, continue to work hard and break through more glass ceilings.  Trust in God and themselves, the sky is the limit.