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KCP fff awards

King-Chavez-Parks (KCP) Future Faculty Fellowship Program

The Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ César Chávez ~ Rosa Parks (KCP) Initiative, established by the Michigan Legislature in 1986, was designed to increase the pool of academically or economically disadvantaged candidates pursuing faculty teaching careers in postsecondary education.

The Future Faculty Fellowship Program provides financial support to Michigan’s public universities to increase the number of traditionally under-represented instructors in the classroom available as role models for students. 

The SVSU Office of Diversity Programs, with the support of the State of Michigan KCP Initiative, sponsors the KCP Fellowship Award annually.  The maximum level of support for master’s Fellows is $20,000 total up to 4 years and $35,000 total up to 8 years for a Doctoral Fellow.

Future Faculty Fellowship graduates are obligated to obtain a postsecondary faculty teaching or approved administration position at a public or private; 2- or 4-year; in- or out-of-state postsecondary institution, and remain in that position for up to three (3) years equivalent full-time, dependent upon the amount of the Fellowship award.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Fellows who do not fulfill the teaching and/or other obligations of their Fellowship Agreement may be placed in default, which results in their fellowship converting to a loan repaid to the State of Michigan.

SVSU encourages applications from individuals who would otherwise not adequately be represented in the graduate student & faculty populations. Preference may not be given to applicants on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, or national origin.

The State of Michigan is the funding source for the Future Faculty Fellowship (FFF) Program.

Program Eligibility Requirements
Application Information & Process
KCP FFF Committee Members

For questions regarding this program, please contact Dr. Mamie T. Thorns in the Office of Diversity Programs at (989) 964-4068 or by email at 

SVSU, an AA/EO institution, is strongly and actively committed to increasing diversity within its community.