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Women's History Month

Profiles in Leadership

Tapp, Anne



Anne Tapp

Professor of Teacher Education


1. What is your name and profession?

Anne Tapp
Professor of Teacher Education

2. What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on the women whose courage paved the way and made a difference for women today as well as celebrate how their efforts and bravery afforded women opportunities and freedoms of today.

3. As a woman, in what ways have you struggled to get to where you are today and how did you overcome those struggles?

My struggles made me work harder to achieve my goals. Keeping goals clearly in sight helps to tune out any adversity. Work hard, keep your priorities in order and always be kind.   

4. As a woman in your position, how have you fought for equity in the workplace and for other women?

It is important to listen, support and encourage our female colleagues as well as acknowledge their achievements. I have also mentored new colleagues.  

5. Who was your role model and how did they change your life?

There have been many people who have influenced my life along the way, though my mom had a great impact on who I am today. After my father passed away at a young age, she immediately enrolled in college and earned a 4.0 throughout her time there. She was then a dedicated worker for 25 years. She was an amazing role model for my sister and me as a single parent with a priority for learning and a great work ethic.  

6. If you could have dinner with any woman figure dead or alive who would you choose and why?  

Sally Ride was the first American woman in space in 1983 and the youngest American to make the journey. I met her in 2000 when she was my co-host for Space Day 2000, a live NASA broadcast for children around the globe. She was brilliant, warm and had a great sense of humor. As a physicist, she had a love of science and math education and worked to help students in those areas, especially girls. I would love to have just one more hour with her.  

7. What is your hope for the next generation of women and girls?  

My hope for the next generation of women and girls is that they see that they have support. They will educate themselves about the opportunities afforded to them by women throughout history. They will encourage each other to be all they can be.