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Resume Templates

Your resume is the employer's first impression of you, because of that, it should be flawless and professional.

These resume templates are in compliance with each major. Students can look through and find the template that best suits their needs. Each document is in Microsoft Word, so it can be edited and customized. There are also resume templates for students that hold a Co-op/Internship, have no experience, or are Varsity Athletes. 

General Resume Advice

  • To keep your resume readable with online applicant tracking systems (ATS) ensure your resume is a single column and in reverse chronological order
  • Use space effectively, do not have your content too close or too spread out
  • Be consistent with your font size and style, layout, and formatting
  • List appropriate contact information (e.g. svsu email)
  • Organize content most relevant towards the top to least relevant at the bottom
  • Tailor subject headers when possible and relevant
  • Education and experiences should be listed most recent to least recent in their sections

Formatting and Space-Saving Tips

  • Set your line spacing to 1.0 to not have any unnecessary additional spaces
  • Put your contact information in the header of the document 
  • Margin widths range from 0.5-1.0” and should be consistent on all sides and pages
Resume Guidelines (PDF)
Sample Bullet Points

Common Resume Mistakes


Lack of Focus

  • Direct your resume towards the specific job you are applying for. Create a new resume for each job
  • Don't summarize everything you've done, instead focus on information, experiences and skills that DIRECTLY apply to the position
  • List your most relevant experience on the top to gain interest

Only Listing Job Titles


  • Don't only put down your previous employer or job title
  • Job titles can be very generic or mean different things within different organizations
  • Instead - describe the most relevant aspects of your role with 2-3  bullet points



Only Listing Duties

  • Don't just list duties, also list skills
  • List supervisory, leadership, administrative, organizational, technical, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Also include accomplishments such as; meeting deadlines, working with large numbers of clients or working with a diverse group of people

Resume FAQ's

Most likely, anytime you apply for a job through an online portal your resume is going to be sent through an applicant tracking system (ATS). ATS is software for recruiters and employers to easily streamline the hiring process and track candidates. According to research done by Jobscan, More than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS to streamline the recruiting process a but plenty of smaller employers have embraced the tool too. The ATS is the first to scan your resume, comparing the content to the job description and unless it finds a high enough match with your resume it may not even be viewed by a real person, therefore missing the opportunity to even interview for the position.

Learn more about ATS

A complex resume, with tables, icons, and generic content copied directly from your LinkedIn profile isn’t likely to make it past the ATS screen. When you write a resume to beat the ATS, you must have the right qualifications, the right keywords, and the right resume formatting. Use the tips below to help make an ATS friendly resume.

  1. Resume template should be a single column with simple formatting. Tables can confuse ATS and make a resume  unreadable.
  2. Use reverse-chronological format, so your most recent education or work experience is listed first.
  3. Use standard section headings such as, Education and Work Experience.
  4. Degrees and abbreviations should be fully spelled out.
  5. Relevant keywords used throughout the resume that match to the job description.
  6. Triple check your spelling and grammar, if the ATS can't make out the word to match it to the job description, it will simply reject it.


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