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Cover Letter Template

A cover letter addresses the employer with your intentions of application for a position. Your cover letter should be brief, specific, and convey the message you are trying to deliver - that you want an opportunity to interview for the position.

The cover letter template below is editable and allows your to fill in the blanks with the position information and your qualifications. Follow the provided templates very closely and pay attention to the highlighted and bolded text to build a functional and effective cover letter.

Cover Letters typically have 4 paragraphs, each addressing a different component:


Paragraph 1

State the purpose of your letter and the position for which you are applying. Also indicate where you found out about the position and thank the person and the company for taking the time to review your application


Paragraph 2

Inform the reader why are you interested in the position and reveal how your qualifications align with the responsibilities and duties of the position. Always provide specific examples to demonstrate your skills.


Paragraph 3

Now that you have informed the employer of your interest, market yourself. Make it known why are the best for the position and what skills and qualities you will bring to the job and the employer. Be modest, yet firm and provide examples.


Paragraph 4

Thank them again for taking the time to review your resume and indicate your interest in an interview with the employer. Provide your contact information - email and phone number will suffice.

Cover Letter Template
Cover Letter Guidelines

Cover Letter Do & Dont

Circle with Check mark Do

  • Write a new cover letter for each job so it's tailored and specific to the role
  • Clearly outline how you will be able to contribute to the organization
  • Set your cover letter apart from other applications by giving tangible examples of your skills
  • Review and check for spelling and grammatical errors

Red X in circle Dont

  • Try not to restate your resume; instead expand on highlights, experinces and/or accomplishments that show you are the best canidate for the role
  • Avoid using italics or cursive fonts for your signature


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