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Meet Our Staff


Amelia E. Corne (she/her/hers)

Early Childhood Education major





Brianna N. Jamison (she/they/theirs)

Secondary English Education major

Psychology minor



Christiana M. Welter (she/her/hers)

English Literature major

Music minor

Fun Fact: A long walk with the goal of simply being present in my surroundings is bound to lift my spirits. That, or a night in with a video game or a good poetry collection!


Colin Willard (he/him/his)

Applied Mathematics major

Actuarial Science minor


Elle Shelvey (she/her/hers)

Nursing major



Emma R. Koscielski (she/her/hers)

Psychology major

History minor

Favorite rainy-day activity: Reading books and watching documentaries.


Erica Mclnerney





Gabrielle V. Bourgeois (they/them/theirs)

Creative Writing and Professional and Technical Writing majors


Jessica N. Schmid (she/her/hers)

English Secondary Education major

Fun Fact: I'm a huge animal lover, but cats are definitely my favorite.


Leah Martin (she/her/hers)

History major

Geography & French minors

Fun Fact: I once rode a donkey up a mountain.


Lissa Brown (she/her/hers)

Elementary Education Major

Sociology Minor



Lita P. Weekley (she/her/hers)

Professional and Technical Writing major

Favorite Rainy day activity: I enjoy reading while sipping hot tea, with my pajamas on and being wrapped in a blanket




Lynn Schwartz (they/their/theirs)

English Secondary Education major





Samantha G. Allen (she/her/hers)

Professional and Technical Writing major

Communications minor

Favorite place to study: Big desks on the library's third floor.


Sydney J. Cheney (she/her/hers)

Professional and Technical Writing major

Theatre Minor



Taylor M. Hart (she/her/hers)

Professional and Technical Writing major

Something to know about me: I enjoy reading and writing a variety of genres, listening to music, and learning all I can about astronomy.


Garrett J. Lewis (he/him/his)

History major

Public History and English minors 

My favorite bird is the seagull.



Dr. Bill De Herder, Director
Zahnow 250C
(989) 964-2486

Writing Center
Zahnow 250
(989) 964-6061