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Writing Center Desk

About the Writing Center

The Saginaw Valley State University Writing Center encourages thoughtful conversations about communication, audience, and context, toward a more equitable and inclusive social future. The center offers space for peers to collaborate in considering how writing in any discipline or mode can be crafted and how communicative acts may be received, promoting essential inter-professional and communication skills. Located on the second floor of the library, the Writing Center is a space for collaborative experiential learning innovations, where student writers can schedule free one-on-one peer conversations about communication projects and student tutors can experiment with research and design around AI, digital rhetoric, and usability. In addition to working with traditional forms of writing and public speaking, the Writing Center features SVSU's most advanced podcasting and generative AI support, free to book for any student or faculty member. Meeting with a peer in The Writing Center can help students connect with their coursework and build powerful communication skills for success in and out of the classroom.


Writing Center
Zahnow 250
(989) 964-6061

Dr. Bill De Herder, Director
Zahnow 250C
(989) 964-2486

Dr. Bill Williamson, Acting Assistant Director
Zahnow 250B
(989) 964-2055