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SVSU Professional Growth Grant

(Due by 4:30 November 15 yearly or next business day if the due date falls on the weekend )
We suggest you submit earlier to allow Sponsored Programs time to review your application.

Faculty who have been awarded three unit grants in the last five years are ineligible for additional awards unless they have applied for external funding through Sponsored Programs.

Submit your application using the online application system, and clicking on the opportunity you are interested in.

SVSU Professional Growth Grant encourages scholarly activities such as pursuit of advanced course work or a degree in the faculty member's own or new disciplines; retraining to develop a new specialty, such as computer programming; to learn a new research skill, such as oral history techniques; or to develop a new pedagogical skill, such as competency-based instruction.  Use this application to apply for one-time $1,000 Ph.D. program support.  

Proposals are accepted from full-time faculty members on continuing appointment and administrative professionals in Academic Affairs.  Endowed Professors are ineligible to apply.

Funding is available from July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

Professional Growth Grant Guidelines (66KB)

Access Online Budget Account (14KB)  using mySVSU portal

Final  Report‌: submit online,
Once you log in, click on the application tab on the top, click on the title of your submitted application, on the right side under Application Tools, click on Progress Report(s).

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