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Ruth and Ted Braun Fellowship Program

(Due September 15 yearly or next business day if the due date falls on the weekend)

Please contact Sponsored Programs if you are interested in applying for this opportunity.  Sponsored Programs will assist in preparing your application.

Once you work with Sponsored Programs, submit your application using the online application system, by clicking on the opportunity title.  Please note a letter of support is required from your Dean.  Please communicate you will be applying for this opportunity so they can prepare a letter to submit online.

  • Eligibility: Full time faculty and staff of the University may apply for the award.
  • Announcements: Program announcements will be made available by the end of
    April yearly. Award announcements are expected to be made by the Foundation
    by the end of November yearly.
  • Funding Available: January 1, 2025 - December 31, 2027
  • Braun Fellowship Guidelines (44KB)
  • Braun Fellowship Progress Final Report Form (26KB)  should be submitted to Sponsored Programs.

Samples of awarded Braun applications by college

ABS Braun Sample (166KB)

CBM Braun Sample (135KB)

COE Braun Sample (471KB)

HHS Braun Sample (66KB)

SET Braun Sample (398KB)

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