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Product Technology and Destination Restrictions

Proscribed Countries Under the ITAR - The ITAR prohibits defense articles or services from being exported to certain countries.  Imports originating from these proscribed countries are also prohibited.  There is a presumption of denial from any application to DDTC for a license or other approval for defense articles, services, or technical data involving a proscribed country.  Section 126.1 of ITAR identifies the proscribed countries subject to this policy of denial.  No sale or transfer and no proposal to sell or transfer (whether in the United States or abroad) of any defense article, service, or technical data may be made to these countries, including the embassies or consulates of such countries, without an appropriate license.  Nor may any shipments of defense articles be made on a vessel, aircraft, or other means of transportation that is owned or operated by, or leased to or from, any of the proscribed countries.

Embargoed Countries and Parties - The OFAC administers embargoes and economic sanctions against certain countries.  Any business activity involving countries subject to embargo or economic sanctions, or parties owned/controlled by these countries must be appropriately licensed.

Proliferation Screening - The U.S. Government restricts exports to entities engaged in proscribed proliferation activities including nuclear weapons development, missile developments, and chemical/biological weapons development.  SVSU will conduct a nuclear, missile, and chemical/biological weapons end-uses and end-users screen to determine whether the transaction involves such end-uses or end-users.  If the export transaction involves entities engaged in proliferation activities, no export may occur until the appropriate U.S. Government export authorization is obtained.

Transactional Red Flags - The presence of a “red flag” requires the transaction to be halted until the circumstances creating the red flag are explained and cleared.  Red flags that are not cleared by Sponsored Programs shall be brought to the attention of the EO and/or Empowered Officials for resolution.  A list of Transactional Red Flags is found in the U.S. Government Agencies with Jurisdiction over Exports.

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