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Students in lab and in the field

Research Grant Application for SVSU Students and Faculty

Small research grants are now available from the Saginaw Bay Environmental Science Institute of SVSU. The grants are intended to facilitate seed projects involving scientific research focused on the Saginaw Bay Watershed (e.g. water quality, pollution, land use, wildlife health/habitat, environmental/public health, geospatial characterization).


Projects will be evaluated using the following merit criteria:

  • Potential to contribute strategically to the mission and growth of the Saginaw Bay ESI
  • Scientific merit and relevance to the watershed
  • Potential for publication and/or external grant applications.


  • Applications are currently being accepted (no due date). 
  • The request for proposals will remain open while funding is available.
  • Awards are limited to a maximum of $4,000 each; smaller amounts are welcome.  Please limit requests to only what is necessary for the project.  Requesting less than the maximum will allow more awards to be given.  Allowed costs are student stipends, equipment, supplies, and field travel.
  • Eligibility:  SVSU faculty and staff – preference will be given to those who are actively involved in the Saginaw Bay ESI.
  • One application per year is allowed per project or investigator.

Application Process

Each applicant should discuss their project idea with a steering committee member before submitting.
Application process
:  Please provide a brief proposal that includes the following information:

  1. Project title
  2. Principal Investigator Name
  3. Brief project description (1000 words or less)
  4. At least one scientifically credible citation that demonstrates relevance to the Saginaw Bay Watershed - “Scientifically credible” generally means peer-reviewed journal articles, but official reports from agencies such as MDEQ and US-EPA may also be appropriate.
  5. An explanation of how the proposed work contributes strategically to the mission and growth of the Saginaw Bay ESI
  6. Anticipated deliverable(s) (e.g. ext. grant app, submitted paper, conference presentation)
  7. Budget and justification
  8. Project timeline
  9. NSF style C.V. (limited to 2 pages, see NSF grant guidelines for details)

Please submit your proposal electronically in pdf format to Janet Rentsch (, Director of Sponsored Programs.  Applicants are encouraged to discuss their projects with the institute director (David Karpovich) or any SVSU member of the steering committee (Tami Sivy, Arthur Martin, Rhett Mohler).  Review will begin as soon as possible after proposal receipt.


Dr. David Karpovich
HH Dow Doan Science East 255
(989) 964-4349