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Students in lab and in the field

Saginaw Bay Environmental Science Institute

SVSU Students and Faculty Work Together for the Health of the Community

Recognizing multiple productive Saginaw Bay watershed research and educational efforts involving numerous faculty, students, and disciplines, Saginaw Valley State University established the Saginaw Bay Environmental Science Institute in January of 2013. Focused on the environmental science and citizenry of the Saginaw Bay area, the productivity and contributions of SBESI are based upon its diverse and capable research scientists, a strong pool of student interns, well established educational and community collaborative networks, and a strategic location just minutes from the heart of the Saginaw Bay.


Saginaw Bay Environmental Science Institute (SBESI) works to:

  • facilitate the expansion of SVSU’s capabilities for advanced scientific work on the watershed expanding the participation of faculty, students, and disciplines
  • develop educational, scientific, governmental, and community partnerships in the watershed through mutually beneficial collaborations
  • develop and expand watershed focused STEM educational experiences and programs
  • serve our community as a scientific resource facilitating land and water management practices leading to an improved watershed ecosystem
  • provide opportunities for student and faculty service-learning through community engagement 


Dr. David Karpovich
HH Dow Doan Science East 255
(989) 964-4349