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Personal Involvements 2.6-2


Human Resources
Authorizing Body:
President - PRES
Responsible Department:
Human Resources
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Given its special fiduciary responsibilities towards its students, Saginaw Valley State University insists upon the highest standards of personal conduct in employee/student interaction.

Intimate relationships, business partnerships and other personal involvements, which might be considered appropriate in another context, risk violating standards of professional ethics in a university setting when issues of supervision, teaching or evaluation are concerned.

Mutual consent notwithstanding, close business or intimate relationships between an instructor or other officer of the University and an individual over whom that instructor or officer can exercise professional power are fundamentally unequal and raise issues of potential exploitation or coercion, conflict of interest and preferential treatment. Therefore, the University highly discourages such relationships and expects that such conflicts will be avoided.

Allegations of inappropriate conduct under this policy should be reported to the Dean of Students.

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