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CARE (Cards and Responses to Events) 2.8-1


Human Resources
Authorizing Body:
Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – EVP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Human Resources
Applies To:
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A variety of life events affect members of our University family. Joyous occasions such as the birth of a child or the tragedy of a family death are realities we must be prepared to deal with. As a gesture of compassion, understanding and friendship, the University will send a card, a floral arrangement or a memorial where appropriate. Supervisors play a special role in this policy, as they are the individuals who often have first-hand knowledge of the situation and can complete a CARE Form (43KB)  on behalf of SVSU.

Applicable Situations

  • Death of employee or former employee.
  • Death of a member of an employee's immediate family (Immediate family member is defined as a spouse, child, step-child, parent or step-parent of SVSU employee or his/her spouse.)
  • Birth of employee's child
  • Hospitalization or outpatient surgery with extended at-home stay of an employee
  • Other situations as approved by the President

A Vice President, Dean or Director may make a special request to the Human Resources (Human Resources) Office (complete a CARE Form (43KB) .


  1. A request is initiated to the Human Resources Office (complete a CARE Form (43KB) .
  2. Human Resources verifies:
    • Event or circumstance
    • Contact information
    • Recipient's address
    • Other pertinent details
  3. Human Resources will prepare and forward a card and details of the situation to the President's Office for signature and mailing. The card or floral arrangement will indicate that it is from the President (by name) and the Saginaw Valley State University family. One copy of the Situation Report will be forwarded to University Communications and, in the event of a faculty member, to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  4. Floral arrangements will be handled by Human Resources and sent to the funeral home in the event of a death unless otherwise requested by the surviving family members.
  5. At the request of the surviving family members, a $50 memorial will be sent in lieu of a floral arrangement.
  6. Vice Presidents, Deans or Directors who wish to send an additional card or floral arrangement from their department at the time of bereavement may do so and are to charge an account under their control. Departments may not make memorial contributions from University accounts.